100% Bordeaux | 10 reasons to be enticed

There is something magical about Bordeaux, something enchanting, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast. Indisputably, its assets are many. A legendary source of globally recognised fine wines, Bordeaux is also a gold mine of diverse and varied vintages. Some of them can be enjoyed when they’re only young. Others become unbeatable with age. Perfect accompaniments for a special meal, these wines make festivities yet more enjoyable when served in bigger bottles. And don’t think these famous wines beyond your reach – beautiful bottles await from the price of €20. As you can see, all of these are great reasons to fall for Bordeaux! Discover our buyers’ favourites from this eminent region.

  1. Magnum, Jeroboam, Methuselah: the bigger the bottle, the greater the joy

What could be more festive than a big bottle to spoil your close ones without fear of running out? Quite the classic, a magnum promises a successful dinner. The 2009 Château-Smith-Haut-Lafitte, 2015 Les Cerisiers from Château de Francs or 2008 Château-Haut-Carles are just a few examples. As for double-magnums, Jeroboams and Imperials, they are sure to make your gathering unforgettable. What do we recommend? Château Haut-Brion or Château Cheval Blanc for the big names, or Haut-Condissas and Pavie-Macquin if you’re looking for a gem.

  1. Bordeaux – the true home of cellaring wines

Since the character of red wine needs to rest for a few years in order to harmonise and soften, and since whites become more complex over time, Bordeaux is known for the exceptional longevity of its production. Look ahead and invest in younger vintages to savour in a few years’ time with the superb 2015 and 2016. The Châteaux of Pressac (Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé), Doisy- Daëne (Barsac), Haut-Marbuzet (Saint-Estèphe) or Léoville-Poyferré are bound to inspire you.

  1. A paradise of mature wines

If you’re not feeling patient, or if you don’t (yet) have a cellar in which to let your precious bottles flourish, take a look at some older vintages – there are plenty ready to buy and ready to drink in this sale! Want a few hints and tips? We’re particular fans of the 1998 Château Lynch-Bages, the 1994 Château Beychevelle and the 1990 Château Chasse-Spleen. What do you think?

  1. The Bordeaux prestige

Grands crus classés from 1855 (1989 Château Mouton-Rothschild), from Graves (2000 Domaine de Chevalier), from Sauternes and Barsac (2010 Château Rieussec), from Saint-Emilion (2007 Château Angelus), Crus Bourgeois (2015 Château Rollan-de-By)…The classifications are many, the prestige enormous. And nobody will begrudge you keeping these bottles in your cellar: the friends with whom you share them will be eternally grateful. And if, by any chance, you decide to sell them on after a few years, these wines are made for aging if you choose the vintage well (see our Vintage Guide) and won’t have lost any of their value.

  1. Agreeable prices and hidden gems

Don’t listen to those who complain about the extortionate price of Bordeaux wines – they haven’t explored iDealwine enough! The range of Bordeaux wines lets you uncover hidden gems at agreeable prices. And the treasure trove that is our website is bursting with such jewels. Our team’s favourites? Château Belle-Vue and Château Bolaire, the full and fruity cuvées (Bistrot, Les Ormeaux, Les Pervenches) from Clos Puy Arnaud as well as the natural wines of Closerie des Moussis. By the way, here’s some inside advice: take a look at the work of Château Moulin-Saint-Georges, a private property in Saint-Emilion belonging to the managers of Château Ausone…at a price defying all competition!

  1. Bordeaux and its ‘vintage effect’

Sensitive to what we call ‘the vintage effect’ because of its climate, Bordeaux has forged a golden reputation thanks to exceptional vintage years such as 1982 (Cos d’Estournel), 1999 (Château Figeac), 2000 (Château du Tertre), 2005 (Château d’Issan), 2009 (Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey), 2010 (Château Rauzan-Ségla), or even 2015 (Domaine de l’A). To share or to keep!

The finest years are therefore well and truly present in this sale. But 2016 has an extra special something to make you stick around. Despite the difficult climatic conditions seen by this year, the vintages produced are of exceptional quality, notably on the right bank where Cabernet Sauvignon dominates. Balanced, elegant and boasting great freshness, it forms a couple with the 2015 much like that of the 2009/2010.

  1. Astute, organic, and biodynamic viticulture

From year to year, Bordeaux continues its journey towards production methods that are more respectful of the environment. You can therefore find on iDealwine not only wines created in a conventional way, but also those considered to be ‘clean’. What’s more, some estates have moved towards organic, even biodynamic production. At iDealwine you’ll find names such as the Châteaux of Ampélia, Annereaux, Bastor-Lamontagne and Clarisse.

  1. Reds, whites and sweet wines…take your pick!

Have you got eclectic taste? You’re in the right place! Red, white, and sweet wines promise myriad food pairings. Game, mushrooms, fish, seafood and shellfish, blue cheese, fruit desserts…The world of flavour is your oyster!

  1. A Bordeaux for every occasion

It is true that a bottle of Bordeaux is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at any event. Whether it’s simply for the weekend, for the upcoming festive season, or maybe you could gift a birthday bottle from a vintage of the same year. Bordeaux undoubtedly offers the archetype of quality wine you can count on.

  1. One final reason to tempt you…

Our team has made a special effort to study the wines offered in this sale one by one, comparing, adjusting and refining the prices. As a bonus, several prices have been reduced for a few days. Don’t let the moment pass you by to welcome these treasures to your cellar. Discover the latest deals here!

We hope you enjoy your purchases!

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