Women Equity Awards 2019 | Angélique de Lencquesaing among the winners

For 10 years, the Women Equity awards has recognised, from a panel of businesses run by women, the 50 most successful among them. iDealwine, represented by Angélique de Lencquesaing, co-founder of the site, figured among the winning companies.

On Friday 22 November, the 10th edition of the National Women Equity awards took place. Run by Dunya Bouhacene and Sophie Nordmann, the Women Equity project is the first initiative in Europe dedicated to growing SMEs and MSBs directed or co-directed by women. It was established to assist these companies financially and operationally.

To compile the illustrious list of winners, nearly 30,000 French businesses with a turnover of between €4M and €150M were sifted through. From this cross-section, 4431 business are directed (or co-directed) by women. And fifty of these were singled out, including iDealwine, represented by Angélique de Lencquesaing, who founded the company in 2000 with Cyrille Jomand (iDealwine’s Chairman) and Lionel Cuenca (Managing Director, like Angélique).

What’s distinct about these female-led businesses? Apart from the fact that they demonstrate remarkable rates of growth, they have overperformed in terms of profit. The 50 winning companies combined employ 8,525 people and make a cumulative turnover of €1.9 billion, a 34% leap from the year before. This, at the heart of the cross-section analysed, represents 15.5% of total revenue and, better still, 21.1% of gross operating profit generated.

Five performance criteria were taken into account to make the decision: total revenue growth in 2018; the average revenue increase in the last three years; 2018 profit; the growth in value of 2018 turnover; and finally, the average increase in gross operating profit over the past three years. After such a close inspection of our books, it goes without saying how proud we are for iDealwine to have come out on top.

Two trophies were awarded at the Women Equity event. The best financial performance award was given to Entoria (an insurance broker), whilst the trophy for most successful Corporate Social Responsibility strategy went to the MUL group, who transform vegetal raw materials.

The world of wine and spirits was well-represented. We happily share the recognition of Women Equity 2019 with Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, at the head of Château Angélus since 2012. Equally, Florence Oliet-Pontoizeau, chief executive of Whiskies du monde was also honoured at the awards.

Women in wine: a priority at iDealwine

Women and wine: a complex and ambivalent relationship that we’re keeping a close eye on. Women still make up too small a percentage of wine enthusiasts and clients for our liking. This is a great shame, but we’re not giving up! At the wine bar 228 Litres, iDealwine’s Pigalle-based branch, we organised a women’s wine tasting in collaboration with the blogger Rouge aux Lèvres, who specialises in oenological events for women. This was a roaring success, and certainly piqued the jealousy of some of our other clients…

As for the iDealwine team, we’re not yet entirely equal, but we’re getting there! Whilst the trio of founders comprises one woman and two men, among the company’s 40 personnel, 18 are women, so there’s not too far to go. Women and men together, it’s the whole iDealwine team that applauds Angélique’s success in winning this award, as well as the company’s continuing prosperity.

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