Which 2020 Bordeaux is this? iDealwine’s 3rd mystery e-tasting

Pauline, who sent us this photo, took part in the competition in 2021.

Introducing our third blind tasting competition! This year, the mystery e-tasting will take you back to 2020 in Bordeaux. Will you be able to recognise the wine? If you can identify it or you come close by getting the variety/varieties, appellation, domain, etc. correct, you will be in with the chance of winning one of these three prizes:

  • The overall winner will receive a night’s stay at the mystery domain/château with a dinner for 2.
  • Second place will win a case of 3 magnums of the mystery wine.
  • Third place will receive a case of 3 bottles of the mystery wine.

There are two parts to the competition, and it’s free to join in.


Sign up – Follow the iDealwine Instagram account and fill in the questionnaire. It includes one simple question and the answer to it can be found on our website. Enter your details at the same time to receive the mystery bottle, which is 2cl in size, to taste at home.

Just so you know, quantities are limited, and the bottles will be sent out in order that people sign up. So, be sure to sign up quickly otherwise we might not have any bottles left to send to you.


The tasting – Once you have received the wine, taste it and scan the QR code located on the accompanying small card to complete the final form to be in the chance of winning.

The deadline to submit your responses to the second questionnaire is 26th March 2023. After this date, no new answers will be accepted. Also, only one entry is allowed per person and spaces are limited so be sure to sign up as soon as possible.

Good luck everyone!

Please note: The competition is limited to those who live within the European Union.

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