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Emmanuel Macron and Manuel Valls at the National Assembly.
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Evin Law: the final decision

On the 16th of June, the French Prime Minister and National Assembly officially added a new amendment to the Macron Law, which distinguishes information from advertising. This outcome has been hailed as a victory by the wine industry, even if the adopted definition is somewhat diminished from the initial version by Senator Gérard César. Here is a short chronological summary to conclude this debate about the Evin Law and its definition of advertising: The Evin Law – proposed by MP Claude Évin and passed in January 1991 – aims to tackle the issues…

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Evin Law change: victory for the wine industry

The amendment to the controversial Evin Law, suggested by Senator Gérard César for a clear distinction between advertising and information regarding wine in France, was adopted by the National Assembly last week. This amendment has been dubbed ‘incomprehensible’ by his opponents, but celebrated by his followers – so what does it really mean? The consideration by the National Assembly committee regarding the new Macron Law (Emmanuel Macron, minister for Economic Affairs) was validated on Thursday, 11th June, against the advice of the government. The amendment of Girondian Senator Gérard César (Republican, former UMP)…

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