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Montrachet 2016… no production?

Following a harsh frost this spring, six of the most prestigious estates for the Montrachet appellation will only be producing a single wine between them this year, in micro quantities, which will probably never be marketed. Vineyards were hard hit by bad weather and in particular a frost at the end of April this year, so harvests are likely to be very small in some areas. Unfortunately Montrachet is one of them. Aubert de Villaine hinted to us in September that this was the case, and Le Point has recently confirmed it. Six…

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Grilled lobster with salted butter by Chef Olivier Roellinger

An inexpensive, yet delicious and powerful dish! Great with Champagne or white wine. Preparation time: 20 min Cooking time: 15 min Serves 8 people Ingredients: - 4 lobsters (800g each) - 150g salted butter - Juice of 2 lemons - 3 tablespoons of heavy cream - A few drops of Calvados - Ground black pepper Preparation: Pre-cook the lobsters It is best to boil the lobsters as soon as possible – this will prevent it from releasing its water and preserve the freshness of its flesh. Bring a large amount of water to…

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