Summer at iDealwine | What are we doing to take care of your wine?

The high heat of summer can damage a win, meaning we have to handle it slightly differently. During the summer months, we at iDealwine do everything we can to protect your wines! Here are the five main things we’re putting in place for you.

  • Top-quality packaging

You might have already seen the kind of packaging we use. It’s the strongest on the market and is fantastic at protecting your bottles on the move. It absorbs shock and vibrations as well as insulating the contents from temperature changes with its isothermic qualities.

  • End-of-week shipping suspended

In order to be extra vigilant, we won’t be sending out shipments on Thursdays or Fridays. This avoids the risk of your wine spending the weekend in our shipping provider’s warehouse. Even with the isothermic packaging, we prefer to avoid this wait.

  • Extended free storage

From the 1st July to 31st August 2021, the free storage period (usually 30 days) will be extended to 45 days. This gives you more flexibility when deciding exactly when you would like your wine to be delivered, or when you would like to pick them up. The iDealwine warehouses are perfectly adapted for keeping bottles during the summer. In order to benefit from free storage, your order must be settled. It is also important to request delayed delivery. The 45-day period starts from the date of purchase. Once this period is over, storage fees will apply from the 46th day.

  • Express delivery

iDealwine can offer Express shipment, with a Chronopost option for 24-hour delivery. During particularly hot periods we recommend selecting this delivery option, as your package will be in transit mainly during the night, before being delivered the next day.

  • Delivery to your holiday destination

Have you thought about the easiest way to take your wines on holiday? Why not get them delivered directly to your destination! All you need to do is change your delivery address when confirming your order. The time has come to decide which bottles you’d like to enjoy during your next getaway…

We hope you have a lovely summer!

See you soon at iDealwine

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