Straight from the estate, a selection from our newest partners

Whilst our role as a wine auctioneer often comes front of centre, our extensive selection of fixed price bottles also deserves your attention. Carefully selected by our tasting committee, these wines come straight from their estate. Since the start of 2022, no less than 90 domains have joined our network, and this sale is dedicated to them!

Who picks the bottles?

Our buying team are enthused by wine, and dedicated to finding the latest treasures from vineyards across France and beyond. Rising stars, unusual cuvées, and new vintage releases are all on their radar, from our offices in Paris and Bordeaux to the heart of the vineyards themselves. But the work doesn’t stop there, of course, as our tasting committee use their refined palates to discern the best of the best. The chosen wines are sold directly from their domain, and our marketing team then gets to write all about them!

What’s new this year?

Since the start of 2022, 90 different domains have joined our network of partners. In just five months, we’ve manged to find quite the range of estates that we can’t wait for you to discover, from regional stars to up-and-coming pioneers and hidden gems. We’ve been particularly focussed on meeting up with domains from Bordeaux and beyond France, as well as natural producers.

Some of our other firm favourites include Burgundy’s Clotilde Davenne, Bernard Millot, and Agnès Paquet. From Provence, there’s the gorgeous Château La Mascaronne, and not too far from there we find the South-West’s Plaisance Penavayre. A top discovery from Alsace is La Grange de l’Oncle Charles, and Savoie’s Domaine Chevillard was an instant hit. If you’re into cider, we recommend the Maison Hérout, an example of classic Normandy produce. And as for the estates found beyond the Hexagon, we’ve got quite a selection in stock, with bottles from Taylor’s, Matias Riccitelli, Storm Wines, Los Descendientes de J Palacios, and Vassaltis.

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