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Organic and biodynamic wines are the fruit of carefully balanced work between the vigneron and the vine. We have a selection of almost 3,000 wines from these categories, some of which are also natural and/or have a Triple A label. Among the pioneers are Tissot and Ganevat from the Jura, as well as Yvon Métras and Marcel Lapierre from the Beaujolais.

The Jura, the Loire, and the Beaujolais

Among all of the wines we have in our ever-expanding selection, some are notable for their pioneering nature in the world of organics and biodynamics.

Certain regions are especially well-reputed for these growing methods, starting with the Jura. Domaine Tissot is one of the region’s must-try estates in this regard. Back in 1995, the domain began to reduce its use of additives in the vineyard, applying only organic mixtures and abandoning chemical weedkillers for ploughing. Officially organic in 1999, the domain then converted to biodynamics in 2004. We recommend the Arbois Trousseau Singulier cuvée as well as the Savagnin. Jean-François Ganevat is also a key figure in the region, a veritable master of biodynamic winemaking! Try the domain’s Macvin cuvée, outstanding for its superb balance of finesse, freshness, and richness. Other favourite domains of ours include Ratapoil, Domaine de la Pinte and Les Bottes Rouges.

In the Beaujolais region, we think of Domaine Marcel Pierre, an estate with 40 years of organic certification. This property’s vigneron has been known as the ‘pope’ of natural Beaujolais, producing wines with a silky fruit profile and flavourful, captivating character. Marcel’s children, Mathieu and Camille, have taken up the domain, allowing us to continue offering bottles at fixed price including the Morgon and Morgon Villages. A disciple of Lapierre, Yvon Métras has become a central figure of the Beaujolais, and you have to try the Ultime cuvée if it isn’t already out of stock…Other names to try include Marc Delienne and Alex Foillard.

From the Loire, we turn without hesitation to Coulée de Serrant: Nicolas Joly, a strong advocate for biodynamics since 1985, decided to exclude all use of chemical additives and pesticides to allow his remarkable terroir to express itself. His daughter, Virginie, has continued the family work with a range of recognisable cuvées. Here, you’ll find the Savennières Les Vieux Clos and the Savennières Roche aux Moines Clos de la Bergerie cuvée. Equally noteworthy are the wines of Patrick Baudouin, Domaine Belargus, and Lise et Bertrand Jousset.

How about the rest of France?

Admittedly, traditional regions like Bordeaux are not the biggest names in the biodynamics business. However, there are examples of excellent organic production at properties like Château Pontet-Canet, with a wine that progresses with every passing year. At Château Maison Blanche, Nicolas Despagne has brought production through the steps of organic, biodynamic, and now almost natural methods. These wines are a blend of old Cabernet Franc and Merlot vines grown on historic terroirs. Emilien is the flagship cuvée from Château Le Puy, somewhat of an outsider and one of Bordeaux’s most innovative domains. From the Rhône, we’re inviting you to taste the excellent wines of Domaine Chapoutier, now one of France’s biggest properties following biodynamics, and this since 1999. The Barbe Rac cuvée has all the body we might expect from a Châteauneuf-du-Pape, all whilst getting out of the appellation’s famous 13 varietals rule. The focus in this wine is on the Grenache grape and its incredible roundness. Compare this cuvée to the Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Domaine Marcoux (one of the appellation’s biodynamic pioneers in 1991), a wine with amazing aromatic potential. We also recommend Domaine Aléofane and Paul Avril, both certified organic.

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