Organic, biodynamic and natural wines represent more than a quarter of sales at iDealwine


At iDealwine as elsewhere, in the past few years there has been a real surge in demand for wines that are healthier and more respectful of the environment.

A global economic climate that is favourable to organic, biodynamic and natural wines

While organic, biodynamic and natural wines still represent – for the time being – a niche market (3.7% of French consumption), this market is nonetheless as dynamic as it is promising – and rapidly growing. In the past ten years, the surface of organic vineyards in France has tripled: 78,502 hectares – so 10% of the nation’s vineyards – from 22,509 hectares in 2007. Organic wine is consumed in France – France is the second market for still organic wine, after Germany and before the United Kingdom – but also widely exported (43%). Sales of still organic wines increased by 21% in 2017, with a grand total of 958 million euros. According to the IWSR, in France, if the consumption of conventional wine continues to slow at the current rate, sales of organic wine should almost double by 2022. The average price difference between organic and conventional wine is 33% (6.14 as opposed to 4.62).

The phenomenon is not by any means limited to France: between 2012 and 2017, global consumption of organic wine increased annually by 14.1%, most perceptibly in Europe.

 iDealwine, getting greener every day

Given our specialist positioning – and our customer’s discerning tastes concerning quality 😉 – iDealwine is well above the national average (3.7%): more than 25% of our wines are organic, biodynamic and/or natural. And this figure should only increase!

In 2018, almost 160,000 lots were sold on the iDealwine website (fixed-price and auctions combined). This translates roughly into 240,000 bottles, of which 60% sold at auction and 40% at fixed price. Out of this total, more than a quarter of wines sold on iDealwine come from domains which are cultivated organically, biodynamically or natural wines. Given the high proportion of auctions – and thus old vintages – it is however difficult to give a precise number of organic/biodynamic/natural wines, as many domains evolved at different stages in their viticultural practices.

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