November 2023 auction report | Thirst for Jura and Savoie wines remain stable

bottles of wine from Jura and Savoie

With the fallen snow, everyone is heading to the snow-capped mountains of the Alps to go skiing and we’re also heading in that direction. The vineyards in Jura and Savoie have been attracting the attention of wine enthusiasts for a number of years. iDealwine’s auction catalogues in November were overflowing with gems and we’re going to take a look at how they fared.

In Jura, several names have been standing out at iDealwine auctions for several years. Because of this, it doesn’t surprise us that Domaine Overnoy topped the charts with a Vin Jaune from 1982 that was bought by a wine enthusiast in Brazil for €1002, a stable price. This domain, run by Emmanuel Houillon, the adoptive son of Pierre Overnoy, covers 5.5 hectares. Among the AOC Arbois-Pupillin wines produced by the estate, its Trousseau-Poulsard is the current favourite. A bottle from 2018 went under the hammer for €513 (+2%) in November. Its Savagnin is also sought-after with a bottle from 2016 selling for €513 (+6%) and one from 1989 going for €488 (+11%). A bottle of its Chardonnay from the 2016 vintage obtained €501 (+5%) and a bottle from 2017 went for €476 (+7%). The domain’s wines have a global reach with buyers from Northern Europe (the UK, Germany, Denmark), Asia (Singapore and South Korea) and Brazil, as we mentioned.

Another name leading the region at auction is the minuscule Domaine des Miroirs, created by Kenjiro Kagami. While the wines, which are sold as Vin de France, have seen their prices calm slightly compared to what they were in 2022, the levels remain high, and the wines are still loved by Asian buyers. The Sonorité du vin Les Saugettes cuvée from 2015 obtained €864 (-4%, and €645 for the 2016 vintage), a bottle of Miruizo Les Saugettes from 2014 was sold for €839 (-4%), and Le berceau from 2015 was bought by a buyer in Germany for €645. While being highly sought-after due to the rarity of its wines, Domaine des Miroirs saw contrasting results in November with its white wines striding out in front. A 2019 Savagnin took off, obtaining €551 (+26%), while a Chardonnay was auctioned for €501 (+3%) on iDealwine.

Other names to look out for include Jean-François Ganevat whose Côtes du Jura Vignes de mon père 1999 was sold for €651 (+83%) and Domaine Labet whose Côtes du Jura Grains Fauves Savagnin Botrytisé En Chalasse 2010 soared to €200 (+77% in relation to its starting price), while Les Varrons 2018, a Chardonnay that underwent maceration, was sold for €125. There’s also the domains Rousset-Martin, Allante Boulanger, Labet, Morgane Turlie and Granges Paquenesses.

Savoie – where Michel Grisard has left his mark

Absolutely tiny – covering 3000 hectares, which is 0.2% of the surface area of vines planted in France – Savoie has seen growing interest in its wines for several years now and this is down to a few leading figures. One of those is Michel Grisard who has left an imprint on the region. This winemaker took over the family domain, Prieuré de Saint-Christophe, at the start of the 1970s and contributed to bringing the native grape varieties of the region – particularly Mondeuse and Altesse – to the attention of wine lovers. At iDealwine auctions, a Mondeuse Tradition 1996 was sold for €438, the same price was recorded for a bottle of Mondeuse Prestige 2003.

Michel Grisard contributed to the creation of Domaine des Ardoisières, which is well known on iDealwine. The famous Quartz cuvée, made from Altesse grapes, was sold for €100 in its 2016 vintage (+23%), while a bottle of Améthyste 2016, a blend of Persan and Mondeuse, obtained €75. Our tour of Savoie would not be complete if we didn’t mention Dominique Belluard, a talented winemaker who sadly left us in 2021. The superb Gringet cuvée, Le Feu went under the hammer for €63 for the 2017 vintage and for €88 for the 2019.

There are so many winemakers in this region that are seeing exceptional results at auction. Those who can celebrate their November auction results include: Giachino, Gilles and Adrien Berlioz, Jean-Yves Péron, and the owner of Domaine Petit Roy, Seiichi Wang.

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