New additions – Mature vintages from 1975 up to today

New mature vintages at iDealwine

“One evening, the soul of wine sang from within the bottles” as Baudelaire said. Wouldn’t you like to hear their song too? This new selection includes a double magnum of Château Le Pin 1990, Petrus 1978, Montrachet 1992 from Ramonet, Clos du Mesnil 1995 by Krug, Grange des Pères 2012, Saumur-Champigny 2009 from Clos Rougeard and many more!

1. The dignified sound of a large format: a double magnum of Château Le Pin 1990

Don’t miss this rare large format of a Pomerol that wine lovers around the world are always on the lookout for. This bottle of a wine known for its rich, concentrated flavours and sublime character comes from a vintage of the century, 1990 (and only 2.2 hectares of vines!).

2. The delicate lullaby of Montrachet 1992 by Ramonet

If you have never tried a mature Chardonnay, now’s your chance. This emblem of Domaine Ramonet is beautifully delicate with some power, and richness as well as a sublime length.

3. The sparkling melody of Clos du Mesnil 1995 by Krug

From one of the most famous Champagne villages, this prestigious cuvée, both rich and complex, pairs wonderfully with refined dishes. What is more, 1995 was a brilliant year in the Champagne region.

4. The harmonious and poetic notes of Grange des Pères 2012

Here we have the red wine from an absolute Languedoc icon which lifts the whole region up. This expressive wine possesses a spiced palate with a beautiful, powerful body and refined tannins.

5. The passionate and radiant refrain of Saumur-Champigny 2009 from Clos Rougeard

This bottle would be the perfect way to rediscover Cabernet Franc and it’s from a year when the Saumur-Champigny wines were excellent. This wine would also be a brilliant introduction to the mystical savoir-faire of this domain which is run by the Foucault brothers. A must-have for all wine enthusiasts.

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