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marc delienne

Walking through the vineyards of Fleurie in the Beaujolais, it’s easy to get lost in the uniform labyrinth of grape vines. However, some of these emblematic plants are notable for the way they stand taller than the others, and these are the parcels belonging to Marc Delienne. You might even be able to spot him, from afar, working under the shade of his sunhat. We met Marc at Grenier Saint Jean, the professional wine salon for biodynamic and natural domains.

Marc’s history as a wine maker somewhat breaks with the tradition we’re used to reading about. He doesn’t come from a long line of producers, well-established in the Beaujolais since the very dawn of time. He cuts rather a new figure in Fleurie, having ended up there rather at random. Whilst he has always been a great wine enthusiast, his career had taken him to the French capital to work in IT. One day, he decided to make his passion into a vocation, leaving Paris for Provence, where Eloi Durrbach taught him the ropes of the viticultural industry at Domaine de Trévallon. In 2015 Marc bought a property with 14 hectares in Fleurie, believing in the potential of this region to produce truly fine wine. As soon as he arrived, he set out to produce organically, also converting to biodynamics in 2016. The domain has been fully certified for 2 years now, and Marc would like to perfect this with a Demeter certificate for his vines this year.

The vines planted here are 100% Gamay Noir in soils that are largely composed of sand and limestone. They are all between 40 and 80 years old, untrimmed and pruned in a goblet shape, which explains their sometimes surprising height! The soil is worked regularly following biodynamic methods. This continues during vinification, a process that is carried out as naturally as possible without additives. Once the harvest is sorted, the concrete vats are filled without chaptalisation or added yeasts. The vatting process is relatively short, with the wine being placed in barrels as soon as the pressing is finished. From the very beginning with his first vintages, these wines have been notable for their flavourful and balanced character, bringing together delicate tannins with notes of red fruit and blueberry.

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Fleurie Maurice: A homage at once delicate and fruity to the man who welcomed Marc Delienne to Fleurie.

Fleurie Avalanche de Printemps: This wine will lighten up your glass with its energy and its layers of fruit.

Fleurie Greta Carbo: A magnificent Gamay with exquisite power and unmatched finesse.

Fleurie Abbaye Road: A lovely blend of different wines matured in barrels, this cuvée is particularly concentrated, though it retains the freshness typical of Marc Delienne’s production.

Fleurie La Vigne des Fous: A wine as dizzying as the vineyard that produced it, with a floral and exotic bouquet.

Brouilly Pierreux: ‘A lovely addition to your collection’ according to William Kelley from Wine Advocate. Delicate aromas of raspberry and spices.

Saint Amour à la Folie: To enjoy with a lovely meal