iDealwine promises for 2022…

Once again, we’ve crossed the threshold of a new year without the clear-sighted hopefulness we (maybe) enjoyed in a previous life. A new covid variant is wreaking havoc, making the pandemic into an even longer tunnel with only a very distant light. In the wine world, it looks like our hopes for meeting, moving, and sharing have been (momentarily?) thwarted for the umpteenth time. But our concerns, however legitimate, shouldn’t be left to run riot, and we’re more determined than ever to do what we do best!

So for 2022, we at iDealwine promise…

1. To feed your passion

For 20 years now, it’s been our key mission to encourage wine-lovers – from budding enthusiasts to seasoned connoisseurs – in their shared passion. Already, our auctions offer an exceptional variety of wines, unique in its range of regions, cuvées, and vintages. In 2021, we held no less than 48 separate auctions, nine of which were dedicated to private collections. To this we can add six sales held at Fine Spirits Auction, a site we launched in partnership with La Maison du Whisky to sell rare whisky, rum, armagnac, cognac and other prestigious spirits. We’re excited to reinforce our proud position as France’s top wine auction house (our sixth year running!), an accolade we hold thanks to your continued curiosity and support. And, of course, we have no plans to rest on our laurels…keep up to date with the auctions, selections, and estates we have coming up. Perhaps this will be the year you find the bottle of your dreams!

2. To retain our pride as a French company working with and for producers

Solid in our thoroughly French roots, our team now comprises 47 engaged and passionate employees. And this is a team that reflects all the different likes and interests we see in consumers; some are into big classic wines, mature cuvées from Bordeaux, Burgundy, and the Rhône. Others are drawn to hidden domains, up-and-coming names whose artisanal produce makes for exciting tasting. And, in a world where the price of grands crus seems to form another universe entirely, there are plenty of people in our team who enjoy the challenge of finding the finest wines you can get at more affordable prices. All this diversity makes for a strong representation of what a French company can be, promoting produce of which it is truly proud. Indeed, we’ll also continue to expand our network of 800 partner estates, growers that we’ve loved meeting and whose wines we deem more than worthy of a place in your cellar.

3. To promote fine wine across the globe

Fine wine has always been our speciality, especially grands crus grown in French soil, and we’ve made it our mission to promote this produce across the world. Our multicultural team, which boasts members of around ten different nationalities, works in Paris, Bordeaux, and Hong Kong to fulfil this ever-evolving objective. Through varied communications, wine fairs, and events organised all over the place, as well as through the articles on our blog, we spread the word about the work of the best wine makers. We bring this to an increasingly wider audience with the artisanal spirit and passion that has always guided us. The wines sold in our auctions and fixed price selections are delivered to 60 different countries, meaning that the signatures we know and love are making their way around the globe as you read these words…

4. To pursue responsible growth

Concerns about the environment escape nobody now, and we’ve become increasingly interested in questions of sustainable viticulture. Wines that are made responsibly, organically, biodynamically, and even naturally, have captured our attention and now make up the majority of the wines we sell. Beyond just considering the quality of the cuvées, these methods and philosophies are a challenge requiring courage from wine growers, as the financial cost and human effort required are far from negligeable.

We recognise that our business as an online wine seller is demanding in resources, especially when it comes to packaging and shipping. We are always looking to make our packaging even more recyclable whilst keeping in mind the protection of bottles en route. We’re limiting the amount of paper in each package by ensuring that all information concerning your order and its contents can be consulted online.

With general wellbeing hot on the agenda, in the last year we’ve opened up an option for employees to benefit more directly from the company’s growth, giving them the chance to access shares in the company.

5. To reach out even more

The pandemic has taken away much of what we love about wine; sharing it with loved ones, discovering new favourites in bars and restaurants, tasting it together to enrich our knowledge and understand its complexity. However, we certainly haven’t thrown in the towel. Over the past few years, we’ve launched a series of online tastings and held live interviews on Instagram with exciting wine growers. The brighter moments of 2021 allowed us to reconnect with clients and vintners at events, tastings, and dinners that we organised in France, other European countries, and in Asia. Be sure to sign up to our emails and follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to get updates on our latest events, digital or otherwise. We’ll be at Paris’ Vinapogée event on the 17th of January, as well as at WineParis from the 14th to 16th of February. If you’re abroad, we’ve not left you out…as our amazing blind tasting will be open for orders from the 18th of January!

We want to emphasise the links we hold dear with wine makers and the wine world at large. During periods of great uncertainty – climatic, financial, agricultural – we will keep it a priority to stand by them. This is why we will ensure our continued support for the Vendanges solidaires association. The whole team wishes to express their solidarity for the upcoming year.

We hope to see you soon, and in the meantime, we wish you all the best for the new year. We hope that 2022 is full of exciting discoveries, creative inspiration, and as many warm moments as you can get.

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