How to gift wine to…An Adventurer

Visual by @tutored_tastings (Instagram)

We all have an explorer in our lives. Someone who likes to push the boundaries and try new things. They simply can’t sit still, and they travelled to all the cool places before they were cool.

We think the adventurer would like a wine from the Jura! This diverse, up-and-coming region is a hotspot for producers who have been embracing the natural movement for decades; many of them, much like our adventurer, possess a real pioneering spirit!

Offer a bottle from Domaine Tissot, where Stéphane and Bénédicte Tissot’s thirst for experimentation has brought the estate to its zenith – one of the region’s best-kept secrets! Price range: €26-€270

François Rousset-Martin is a real virtuoso of the Savagnin grape, so his wines will give you a real taste of what can be done in the Jura. We recommend the Mémé Marie cuvée, a topped-up (ouillé) wine with a rich and floral profile. Price range: €22-€46

Otherwise, Domaine Berthet-Bondet is a must-try, a relatively young domain that crafts, among other things, the region’s famous vin jaune. Their fruit-forward wines are available in various vintages, so get your curious friend something special! Price range: €15-€47

Fancy a bit of exploration yourself? See our full selection of Jura wines here!