Getting your wine delivered in cold weather: everything you need to know

cold weatherAs you know, shipping wine is a matter we take seriously at iDealwine. We’ll often postpone deliveries during heat waves so as to protect your precious bottles, but cold weather is another factor that we sometimes have to prepare for. Here’s everything you need to know about receiving wine from us in cold weather.

These last few days have been bitterly cold with temperatures plunging into the minus all over France and the rest of Europe. If you’re expecting a delivery from us you have a couple of options open to you during this cold bout of weather.

Option 1: have your wines delivered as normal in our weather resistant parcels

If you’ve already taken delivery from us then you will know that we use the most weather resistant parcels available on the market.  All bottles are packaged in individual shock resistant polystyrene cases before being packaged again. This insulation protects them from any fluctuations in temperature that may occur during the shipping process.  Remember also that your wine won’t spend a weekend sitting in a distribution warehouse as we never ship parcels on a Friday. Within France you should receive your wine within 48 hours but destinations outside of France will take a little longer. If you do have any questions or queries regarding your delivery please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call +33 1 56 05 86 10 or send an email to

Option 2: postpone your delivery

Despite these precautions, should you wish to wait for temperatures to rise before receiving your delivery simply select the option ‘Place delivery on hold’ during the online payment process. Once you’ve paid you can log in to your account at any time and request delivery or, if you prefer, you can select a particular date from which you would like your wines to be dispatched. This option is open to you at any time, not just during adverse weather conditions.

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