Dominique Laurent: An up-market Burgundy négociant

For nearly 30 years, Dominique Laurent has been producing a range of stunning wines from grapes grown in the best Burgundy appellations. Carefully selecting the grapes, ageing the wine with percision, and gently bottling the wine all make these creations what they are – exceptional wines. Today, this Burgundy figure is considered as one of the best négociants-maturer in the region.

An enthusiastic wine merchant on a surprising path

As a pastry chef in Vesoul, no-one saw his move into the world of wine. However, Dominique Laurent sensed his potential in the late 1980s and set out to be an up-market wine merchant. In 2006, he then became the owner of six hectares propelled by his fascination for growing vines and winemaking. Supported by his son Jean, the young family domain started its life under the name Laurent Père et Fils and masterfully became our reference for Côte d’Or wines. Dominique Laurent is now both a trader and a producer as he makes wines at his own estate. His cuvées are known to be mainly crafted from old vines from the best terroirs in the most beautiful Burgundy appellations as well as being vinified gently and consciously.

When wearing his trader hat, Dominique Laurent does not make the wine, only age it, but he does so with as much precision and diligence as he does his own wines. The barrels used by the business all come from his own cooperage and the wines all age for a long time on their lees without fining or filtration. His creations all illustrate his wish for delicate textures and a brilliantly complex flavour profile.

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