Domaine Plageoles | Bringing Gaillac back to life

Domaine de Plageoles is a wine estate in south-west France, specifically in the lesser-known Gaillac appellation.

Founded at the start of the 19th century by Jules Plageoles, it’s now the seventh generation running things: brothers Florent and Romain Plageoles. The 25-hectare estate is cultivated using organic methods and boasts exceptional vegetation; this includes native grape varieties like Mauzac, Ondenc, Prunelart, and Verdanel. Plageoles has been instrumental in bringing these grape vines back to life within a region that had become dominated by internationally recognised grapes. In the cellar, the vinification processes are as low intervention as possible, using native yeasts and very little added sulphur. The domain crafts a variety of wine, including dry whites, dessert wines, reds, orange cuvées, oxidative wines, and even sparkling! The result is stunning, an instant favourite for the team.

You can find all the wines from Domaine Plageoles here

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