Does iDealwine only sell at auction?

It’s true that iDealwine is known, first and foremost, for our prestigious wine auctions. But did you know that we sell thousands of bottles for a fixed price, too? In this way, we’re just like your local wine merchant, and we have bottles at a range of prices for every occasion. From everyday wines to exceptional, rare signatures, let’s take a tour of what’s on offer outside of our auction selections and where these cuvées come from.

Our partner domains

We currently have partnerships with over 750 wine domains, all estates that have put their trust in us to sell their superb cuvées. These domains come from regions across France and beyond, with classic areas like Burgundy and Bordeaux alongside up-and-coming names from the Jura and Beaujolais…and everything in between! Some of these have been providing us with their precious bottles for over 15 years, and others have joined our growing network more recently. In any case, we select cuvées for you directly from the properties in question, before selling them via our site. Most of these are sold at property price, allowing you to enjoy the finest crus at a fair cost. Plus, we only partner up with domains that we really respect for their practices, their philosophy, and the quality of their produce…so rest assured, each and every one has the iDealwine stamp of approval!

You can explore our full list of partner domains here

Cellar repurchase

Some of the wines we sell for a fixed price come from private cellars that iDealwine has bought outright. Collectors who would like to sell their wines on through a quicker process than auction have the option of selling us their wines directly (conditions for this offer include a minimum number of bottles to be sold). After a careful assessment from our expertise team, we put the bottles on the website. This explains why some of our fixed price wines are rare or mature, even without you having to battle with other bidders for them! If you see one of the bottles in question, we advise you not to wait around too long before committing.

Great deals

Our fixed price selection has some great deals and reductions to offer, too! You can explore the ‘reduced price’ section to find some real gems. If you’d like to purchase a large quantity of a certain cuvée, some of our fixed price wines have a reduced price based on the number of bottles bought; this ranges from a discount of 5% to 15%, and this is indicated by a yellow banner underneath the price. This is a real plus if you’re stocking up your cellar or if you have a big event on the horizon!

Weekly spotlight and our Must-Have selection

Every week, we choose two wineries to promote and prepare a curated selection of their finest cuvées. This is the chance for you to get to know some new domains through our blog articles and detailed wine descriptions, so you know all about where your wine comes from and who made it!

If you’re a bit unsure of which wines to choose, our Must-Have selection is THE list to explore. It’s the go-to for finding cuvées that are bound to please at your next aperitif, dinner with friends, or family event. It’s made up of nicely priced gems, team favourites, and bottles that we think you just have to try. Everything you could ever need to create a cellar you’re proud of.

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