Blind tasting sleeves: everything you need to know

the iDealwine blind tasting sock

Have fun and test the knowledge of friends, colleagues and family with our new blind tasting sleeve. Being the great wine enthusiast that you are, you surely have all the accessories you need for tasting wine: a good cock screw, great glasses, a carafe, a drop stop… But do you already have one or more blind tasting sleeves? We’ll give you a few examples of how you can use them.

Scenario 1: Training to become the best sommelier in the world

It’s your greatest dream to become the best sommelier in the world. But just like Julie Andrews sings in the film the Sound of Music, you have to start at the very beginning and in this case, that’s with blind tasting. To do that, you can’t know what wine you’re tasting. This is when our trusty tasting sleeve comes in handy.

Scenario 2: Have a wine games night

Does your family appreciate wine, but they’re influenced too much by what’s on the label to give an unbiased opinion? You would like to trick your friends and have them blind taste a wine for the adventurous (make sure you take a look at the selection on our website)? Nothing like spending an evening putting everyone’s wine knowledge to the test and seeing who comes out on top! If several of you bring a bottle (please consume alcohol in moderation), you can have a true competition with a prize for the one who guesses the best (or least comes closest to the truth). Let the games begin!

Scenario 3: You have cold feet

As it’s the middle of autumn here in France, you could wear these sleeve as a base layer. Their finesse will allow you to slide the second pair right over them. As you have probably guessed, this third scenario is a little improbable but it’s good to have a bit of fun.

One thing for sure, a blind tasting sleeve promises to liven things up. Who know what’s hiding beneath it? If it were a fairly simple wine, could not knowing what the label says means that your opinion is not at all influenced? Only blind tasting will give us the answer…

Happy tasting!