mai, 2020

Domaine Saint-Nicolas | 25 years on the salt marshes of Vendée

100 kilometres south of Nantes and Muscadet, this atypical domain manages the feat of producing fine wines in both red and white.

Official ranking | iDealwine, top French auction house for wine in 2019

In an almost stagnant market for wine auctions, iDealwine stands out by a mile, not only in terms of wine but also in the overall context of online sales.

Serving wine in the summer | Some hints and tips

Some top tips for keeping your wine fresh as the summer months approach!

New additions | It’s time to (re)discover some classic vintages

They're back and better than ever: your favourite names in their very best vintages, all at fixed price!

Auction | Two centuries of vintages from 1820-2020

Get a taste of history with the wonders you'll find in our latest auction.

Jean Ginglinger | A biodynamically adept Alsatian

In a perpetual quest to produce increasingly excellent wine, this passionate wine maker gives us an insight into his Alsace domain.

Auction report April 2020 | Dreaming of sunshine

A review of how southern French wines performed during last month’s auctions

Loire wines | Tradition and dynamism

This fixed price sale has traditional domains and trendy names, all from the Loire!

Ask iDealwine | What will we be drinking for the end of lockdown?

We asked our team which bottles they've put aside to mark the end of lockdown.

Private Collection | Treasures from the 2000s

This private collection comes from a cellar brimming with all-time favourites