20 rising stars to add to your cellar

You already know about the classic estates and their blue chip investment bottles, the stuff of dreams for many an enthusiast. Beyond these famous names, however, is a rich variety of emerging names producing wine excellent enough to become the top bottles of tomorrow.

This selection comprises cuvées that certain connoisseurs have already picked out as more than promising. Whilst not representing the furthest extreme of prices that fine wine can reach, these organic, biodynamic, and natural wines are not cheap, either. It is worth noting that, particularly for this kind of eco-friendly production, years of hard work go into crafting such superb wines. This combination of passion and precision is, therefore, reflected in the eventual cost of the bottle.


*Haut-Bages Libéral 2018 (€42, red wine): one of the team’s favourites, we have plenty of experience tasting the cuvées of this property! Having recently made the transition to organics, and in the process of introducing biodynamic techniques, this property crafts racy and easy-drinking wines.

*Château Dufort-Vivens 2017 (€55, red wine): an historic Bordeaux estate whose wine has made immense progress in recent years, particularly since the domain’s conversion to biodynamics. This won’t be the last you hear of Dufort-Vivens.

*Château Pavie-Macquin 2017 (€76, red wine): a fine property of Bordeaux’s right bank that has succeeded in charming the critics, some of whom have given these wines top scores. We’re always impressed with these cuvées, characterised by finesse, freshness, and purity.


*Chablis Vent d’Ange 2018 from Pattes Loup (€28, white wine): a domain with the wind in its sails thanks to its bright wines with their pure profile.

*Pernand-Vergelesses 1er cru Les Vergelesses 2018 from Chandon de Briailles (€52, red wine): produced by a biodynamic and natural domain that is still quite modest in its reach, this top quality wine evolves wonderfully in a few years of cellaring.

Rhône Valley

*Côtes-du-Rhône Tonneaux 2017 from Charlotte and Aurélien Houillon (€24, red wine): crafted at this young domain which is run by the brother of Emmanuel Houillon, this biodynamic and natural wine has a round and fruity character nuanced by a sprinkling of pepper notes.

*Cornas 2019 from Domaine du Tunnel (€39, red wine): a precise Cornas cuvée with a juicy and flavourful profile. This region’s wines are sometimes considered overly warm and powerful, but this cuvée presents an alternative image.

Loire Valley

*Reuilly Orphée 2016 from Domaine Les Poëte (€22, white wine): Les Poëte is a relatively recent domain that has already received praise from top critics such as Bettane & Desseauve. This cuvée shows us what a fine Sauvignon blanc tastes like, expressing its local terroir with great mastery. A rich, dense wine balanced with a touch of freshness.

*Vin de France La Belle 2018 from Domaine de la Grapperie (€22, white wine): this is a trendy domain in the world of natural wine, and their aromatic Chenin develops a fine complexity with a noble elegance after a few years in the cellar.

*Vin de France O Galarneau 2018 from Mai & Kenji Hodgson (€26, red wine): a superbly fruity Cabernet franc, perfect to enjoy with a charcuterie board.


*Corbières Rozeta 2018 from Maxime Magnon (€29.90, red wine): Maxime Magnon has been a southern name on the lips of many wine connoisseurs for a few years now. This is a vigneron crafting elegant, deep, and precise wines that are beautifully easy to drink.


*Côtes-du-Jura Mémé 2018 from Rousset-Martin (€27, white wine): among the finest this up-and-coming region has to offer, we highly recommend this cuvée for a glimpse of the Jura’s beautiful terroir.

*Côtes-du-Jura La Grande Chaude 2018 from Philippe Chatillon (€28, red wine): this wine comes from a Jura domain that is en vogue but somewhat discreet. Here, biodynamic methods have been mastered, leading to the creation of superb wines.


*Bandol 2016 from Domaine de Terrebrune (€34, red wine): a fine, organic Bandol cuvée that is made to be aged. It has a sunny profile, carrying vegetal notes and a pronounced minerality. Taking in the scent of this wine will transport you to the warmth of the south.


*Fleurie Greta Carbo 2017 from Marc Delienne (€34, red wine): a cuvée that brings together the bets of power and finesse with its flavourful note of fresh fruit and petals.


*Vin de France Argile 2018 from Château Lafitte (€40, white wine): the most coveted Jurançon wine of the moment, this dry white is biodynamic and natural, offering pleasant fruit and a lively character.

*Côtes-du-Marmandais Clos Baquey 2010 from Elian Da Ros (€42, red wine): the domain’s landmark single-parcel cuvée, a wine that brings the spotlight onto its fine appellation.


*Extra brut Blanc de blancs L’Echapée Belle from Etienne Calsac (€29, sparkling wine): a prodigy of this most famous region, here with a lively blanc de blancs that serves as a wonderful example of the wonders achieved by the Chardonnay grape.


*Barbera d’Alba 2018 Carlo Viglione (€22.50, red wine): a classic of its kind, fresh and supple, here produced using natural methods. Very few sulphites are added in the process.


*Priorat Torroja 2017 Terroir al Limit (€32, red wine): the result of true viticultural prowess considering the region’s challenging terrain. These hot, steep slopes of red slate produce a pure wine with superb fruit.

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