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Auction top picks | Burgundy’s finest terroirs

New auction, new opportunity to get your hands on some fine wine!


Marc Delienne | Focus on Fleurie

Our allocation of the week is still a bit of a hidden gem, though perhaps not for much longer…


Top Tips for Pairing Wine with Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetables can be awkward when it comes to pairing, but far from impossible! Here is a guide to help you out.

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Top auction bids | Legendary bottles await your bids

From the Rhône to Burgundy or from the Loire to Champagne, our selection of fine auctions will delight the most discerning wine lovers! Château de Fonsalette, Coche Dury, Gaja... a ...

The most expensive wines of the year…so far!

Top 50 bids from the first half of 2022. Who's currently in the lead?

Private Collection | A Burgundy showcase

A collection that took 25 years to put together. Now it’s yours to bid on.

jane anson woman drinking wine expert

The Connoisseur Week by Jane Anson | The Lowdown on a €15,000 trip to Bordeaux

A wine lover’s dream: Dinners at Lafite Rothschild, Margaux, Yquem and more…

New arrivals for the spring

New domains and new vintage releases, discover what’s just arrived.

The ultimate guide to Loire Valley appellations

A guide to this dynamic and exciting wine region – one you should get to know!