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It is a very touching collection auctioned on iDealwine until 22nd November: the 600 bottles put up for sale have indeed been chosen with care over the past 40 years by a couple living from the East of France. They are now selling part of their cellar to continue their passion and give themselves the opportunity to buy more wine.

Every month on iDealwine, two auctions are organized; gathering wines from various connoisseurs wishing to sell all or part of their cellars. And then, sometimes, we spice up this programme by offering private collections for sale. This only happens when the cellar is great enough to make a single auction. This is the case of this collection.

As many of our customers on iDealwine, the owners of this cellar are real wine lovers, curious to explore the vineyard and find the greatest producers in the best vintages. The collection for sale is touching because it was created by a couple, particularly united in their passion for wine. They were both introduced to wine in their teenage years thanks to their parents, appreciating more the taste of (very) mature wines. This family heritage gave them the chance to start with great wines, among others from Burgundy but also Languedoc. Then, hazards of life, studies and the beginning of their professional career brought them to the Southwest of France. Naturally, they began to knock on the doors of the chateaux, gradually appreciating and collecting Médoc wines, especially Pauillac and Saint-Julien. All the Grands Crus were bought En Primeur or directly from the domain. The most iconic Bordeaux are featured: Lafite, Mouton Rothschild, Cos d’Estournel, Palmer, Lynch Bages and in Sauternes Yquem and Suduiraut to name but a few.

After several moves, they came back to the East of France and naturally stated to increased their proportion of Pinot and Chardonnay in their collection. This is when they broke their piggy bank to buy wines from Domaine de la Pousse d’Or in Côte de Beaune and from Rebourseau, Drouhin Laroze or Clos des Lambrays in Côte de Nuits. They devoted part of their leisure to go down cellars and taste wines when still in barrels from the finest producers in the region. We owe this collection to a couple who enjoyed being enthroned together during a chapter of Clos Vougeot, tasting sumptuous vintages from Georges Roumier (Bonnes-Mares 1978, Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses 1978, 1990). They quickly detected the genius of the Chardonnay from the Coche family, and were thus able to acquire some exceptional Meursault and Corton-Charlemagne from Coche-Dury.

One of the strong points of this selection is its origin: the wines were acquired exclusively En Primeur for Bordeaux, and directly from the domains for all other bottles. This is how the whole collection has only known two cellars: the producer’s and theirs. A carefully stored underground cellar classified by region and vintage, air-conditioned, with careful control over the hygrometry – they humidify the gravels when the air is too dry – and a temperature permanently maintained at 14°.

They bought wines from almost all the great French vineyards including Jura, Alsace, South of France (from Châteauneuf to Languedoc and from Corbières). Their love for wine and travels led them to discover foreign vineyards and fill their suitcases with nice bottles from Spain, Italy, Greece or even Armenia.

They carefully kept all these bottles in their cellar, drank a lot of them and today decided to sell some of them. But why? To free up space and to be able to continue their passion! They both want to continue discovering, buying, and tasting new wines. Regular readers of La Revue du Vin de France, they had read a lot about iDealwine and a friend who experimented the sale of his wines on our website, completed to convince them. And here are the wines!

As you will have understood it, they are great lovers of wine and life. We asked them what their vision of wine was and their answer was simple: « What’s more French than preparing a good meal, spending as much time discussing which wines should go with the meal, than drinking them and talking about them the next day? Wine is comforting; it is a cultural product that expresses conviviality. It is legacy of our heritage, the know-how of our winemakers, but also our Christian roots. No family meal without a good bottle. In the end, wine is what brings us together. »

See wines available until 22nd November:

22/11/2017 – 02.00pm: Bordeaux Red 1978-1990
22/11/2017 – 02.30pm: Bordeaux White 1967-1990
22/11/2017 – 03.00pm: Burgundy Red 1973-1990
22/11/2017 – 03.30pm: Burgundy White 1976-1990


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