Wine auction: a private collection from a great enthusiast – CLOSED 18/12/17

Wine auctionThe collection of this great connoisseur is available at auction until 18th December. The opportunity to put the spotlight on this wine lover who has excellent tastes and knew how to find iconic bottles before everyone else.

iDealwine regularly has special auctions, because they are entirely and exclusively devoted to one and only connoisseur’s cellar. These private collections have the ability to make us dream of the cellar we could have one day too. The one at auction until 18th December is exceptional for more than one reason. It has been patiently and methodically created by an enthusiast from a region where we do not produce wine, but where there are excellent wine shops, the Morbihan! This collection, begun more than 40 years ago, and has been aged in a natural cellar in the basement of this connoisseur’s house. A perfect place, ideal temperature and slightly humid, to preserve these bottles – and, by the way, leave a few stains on the labels -. The owner of the cellar is a meticulous and methodical man: when he is interested in a region, he follows things through, he learns more about the subject, and the excellent wine merchants from whom he bought his wines, allowed him to purchase bottles that are now icons, rare and particularly sought-after wines. He recorded carefully all his wines on lists in different notebooks, until he decided to sell a part of it, some bottles that are ready to drink now!

Many Bordeaux wines in this collection: superb Pomerol, from the rare Château Lafleur but also from Petrus, La Conseillante, Trotanoy, Vieux Château Certan or Cheval Blanc 1990. On the Left Bank, the first classified growths were carefully selected in beautiful vintages (Château Margaux 2000, Haut-Brion 2000, Latour 1990 or 1996, Mouton-Rothschild 1996). But beware, the selection does not only  count unaffordable bottles, because wine belongs to the daily life of this connoisseur who happily opens a bottle, without a special occasion: much more affordable bottles and now ready to drink are in this catalogue, like La Lagune 1998, Grand-Puy-Lacoste 2006, Clos-de-L’Oratoire 2000, Le Gay 2003.

You will also find great Burgundy wines. From the Côte de Nuits, Mugnier (Musigny 1990), Roumier (Bonnes-Mares 2001), Liger-Belair (Richbourg 2005), Jacques Prieur (Chambertin 2005, Musigny 2000), Clos de Tart (2000), Clos des Lambrays (2005) are just a glimpse of the incredible range of wines and climates of this collection. From the Côte de Beaune, domains such as Hubert de Montille (Volnay Taillepieds 1990) or Bonneau du Martray are also present. Moreover, concerning the latter which has just changed hands (Stanley Kroenke, owner of the American domain Screaming Eagle bought it beginning January), you will find in this catalogue not only Corton, but also superb – and rare – Corton-Charlemagne 1990, amongst other great Chardonnay wines from Roulot, Sauzay, Comtes Lafon … and even Arnaud Ente, because this amateur continues to complete his collection year after year.

Another rarity of this cellar: a mind-blowing vertical selection of mythical bottles from Clos Rougeard. This wine lover particularly appreciates the Loire and it is with this region that he first introduced his children to wine, as his daughter told us, in charge of the sale. However, regarding these bottles from Clos Rougeard, this enthusiast had foreseen that they were of a special pedigree. He has carefully kept them, year after year. Could he have imagined that one day these Saumur-Champigny would be loved by worldwide amateurs? No one knows, apart from him, a man who does talk much about himself and keeps his secrets. Thus, the selection includes rarities from scarce vintages (Les Poyeux 1990, Le Bourg 1996, 2000) and also, in magnum, Le Bourg 2002, without forgetting white Saumur Brézé.

Just as exceptional, the range of great champagnes. This amateur does not need a special occasion to open a beautiful bottle, so it’s a chance for us that there are still some in his cellar. He loves vinous and character champagnes, so it is with happiness that we can hunt in this sale a few mature vintages: Salon (S 1996, 2002), Selosse (Brut Vintage 2003), Krug (Vintage 1995), Bollinger (R.D. 1990). From the Rhône, we remain in an exceptional register with Châteauneuf, Château Rayas (1995), from Hermitage, the white from Jean-Louis Chave (1998) or La Chapelle from Jaboulet (1991), as well as delicious Condrieu from the Vernay domain. And finally, this collector has gathered what’s best from the world with Vega Sicilia from Spain, Masseto or Ornellaia from Tuscany.

What’s more to say? Let’s wish you successful bids on these high-level bottles and to one day have an equally nice cellar. Go ahead and bid!

See wines available until 18th December:

18/12/2017 – 11.00am: Misc. Regions 1984-2014
18/12/2017 – 11.30am: Burgundy White 1978-2013
18/12/2017 – 12.00pm: Burgundy Red 1982-2013
18/12/2017 – 12.30pm: Bordeaux 1979-2014


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