Top auction picks | Legends of Burgundy

This new auction offers an incredible get-together of Burgundy’s greatest names, those that make the whole world dream, alongside stars from other regions, too.

The Burgundy that makes the whole world dream

The king of Burgundy wines, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, is the jewel in the crown of this auction, here going under the hammer in two great vintages: 2010 and 1989. Other treasures from the world’s most mythical estate also feature: its rare Montrachet (2010) should cause some tough bidding battles, and the lots of Romanée-Saint-Vivant, La-Tâche, and even Richebourg and Echezeaux will certainly not be outdone, especially as they appear in beautiful mature vintages.

However, there is of course life outside DRC! Other mythical properties, some of which have since ceased activity and are therefore even more rare, such as Domaine Henri Jayer (Echézeaux 1984), await you in this auction. The star of the great white wines of Burgundy, Domaine Coche-Dury, is present with numerous bottles, as are the wines of Comtes Lafon. We should also mention the nectars of Armand Rousseau, Georges Roumier and Emmanuel Rouget.

Finally, among the most sought-after rarities of the moment, you’ll find wines from Domaine d’Auvenay, Bizot, Arnaud Ente, Benoît Ente and Domaine Prieuré Roch. To finish, don’t miss the numerous lots of Chablis from Domaine Raveneau, absolutely great wines, especially after a good amount of ageing…

The finest wines from other vineyards

From Bordeaux, the Duclot cases always find their crowd, here in their 2003, 2005 and 2016 vintages. The Premiers are present in beautiful vintages: Château Mouton Rothschild 2000, Petrus 1989, Haut-Brion 2014, Lafite Rothschild 2000… Note the presence of a great collector’s wine: a 1945 Château Cheval Blanc!

In the Rhône, ruling the roost is obviously Château Rayas, found here in the great vintages 2010, 2009 and 2007. Also featured is one of the best Côte-Rôtie wines in a mythical year: the Côte-Rôtie Côte Brune 1991 from Jamet.

From Champagne, we also have something to make you dream with the Dom Pérignon 1990, the Jacques Selosse Collection case, and the Vieilles Vignes Françaises 1990 from Bollinger

Moving along to the Jura, several lots from Domaine des Miroirs are on offer and should stir interest among lovers of great natural Jura wines; the same goes for Domaine des Murmures.

As for non-French wines, don’t miss out on bottles from Domaine Biondi-Santi, which are becoming increasingly popular with wine lovers, especially since we have some very old vintages like the 1955. Will that be enough? Unless, of course, you’d prefer a Spanish star, Unico from Vega Sicilia

Of course, our auctions don’t feature only the biggest signatures! There are plenty of great deals to be had, including wines with no reserve price that are worth a look…

You’ll find the full auction online and the catalogue below:

27/10/2021 – 10H00 : Vins Etrangers 1900-2019
27/10/2021 – 10H30 : Champagne 1964-2014
27/10/2021 – 11H00 : Rhône 1984-2019 – White
27/10/2021 – 11H30 : Rhône 1979-2012 – Red
27/10/2021 – 12H00 : Rhône 2013-2020 – Red
27/10/2021 – 12H30 : Burgundy 1976-2014 – White
27/10/2021 – 13H30 : Burgundy 2015-2019 – White
27/10/2021 – 14H30 : Burgundy 1946-2009 – Red
27/10/2021 – 15H30 : Burgundy 2010-2015 – Red
27/10/2021 – 16H30 : Burgundy 2016-2019 – Red
28/10/2021 – 10H30 : Alsace Jura 1985-2020
28/10/2021 – 11H00 : Loire 1978-2020
28/10/2021 – 11H30 : Bordeaux 1947-2016 – White
28/10/2021 – 12H00 : Bordeaux 1945-1989 – Red
28/10/2021 – 13H00 : Bordeaux 1990-1998 – Red
28/10/2021 – 14H00 : Bordeaux 1999-2004 – Red
28/10/2021 – 15H00 : Bordeaux 2005-2010 – Red
28/10/2021 – 16H00 : Bordeaux 2011-2017 – Red

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