The freshness of the Loire, from €7

Loire 201118Our sale proves that the Loire hasn’t lost any of its dynamism and enthusiasm. We present you with delicious newcomers, which complement our long-standing – and favourite – domains.

Two new partner domains

First of all, allow us to present two new partner domains: Domaine Delaporte in Sancerre and Domaine Pellé in the Menetou-Salon appellation. The former is a 33-hectare family property in Chavignol, split into 50 parcels and planted predominantly with Sauvignon blanc, with a little Pinot noir. The majority of the plots are south-facing. The estate has been handed down from father to son since the 17th century and is today managed by Matthieu Delaporte. The soils are tilled without herbicides, yields are closely controlled, as are the élevages in oak barrels. Intervention in the cellar is kept to an absolute minimum. The wines are characterized by their complexity, freshness, minerality and precision. The second domain was created in the early 20th century by Paul Pellé, who had an important role in creating the Menetou-Salon appellation in 1959. Paul-Henry Pellé has managed this family domain since 2007. Paul-Henry Pellé places a great deal of importance on the work on the soils, the precision of élevage and the search for optimal maturity of the grapes. The wines offer finesse, directness and a nice expression of terroir, including the white wines.

Among the domains which are already part of our network,  we have picked out new cuvées and new vintages: the 2016 frol Clau de Nell (Anjou), the 2015 from Alexandre Bain (Pouilly-Fumé), the 2017 from Domaine Bellevue (Muscadet), Bonnigal-Bodet (Touraine), Breton (Bourgueil) and Boulay (Sancerre), and even some older vintages from Domaine René- Noël Legrand (Saumur-Champigny).

You might also have spotted some bottles from Clos Rougeard in this sale (the Saumur-Champigny Les Poyeux 2005), as well as different cuvées from Dagueneau: Buisson Renard 2003, Silex 2003, 2005 et 2006 and Pur Sang 2006.

iDealwine’s excellent selection also includes:

  • Delicious, affordable Muscadets from Jo Landron and natural cuvées from Domaine de l’Ecu, both of which demonstrate the beauty of the Melond de Bourgougne variety and the terroir around Nantes
  • The biodynamic, unique Savennières from Coulée de Serrant, but also those from Domaine du Closel and Château de la Soucherie (who also produces Anjou wines)
  • A superb selection of Saumurs, including the mythical Brézé from Clos Rougeard, but also different cuvées from Château Yvonne, Villeneuve, or Roches Neuves
  • The best producers from the Saumur-Champigny appellation: Clos Rougeard, Antoine Sanzay, les Roches Neuves, René-Noël Legrand
  • The five finest domains of Chinon: Bernard Baudry, Charles Joguet, René Couly, Grosbois et Philippe Alliet
  • The greatest Cabernet of Bourgueil: Catherine et Pierre Breton, domaine des Chesnaies, domaine de la Butte et Xavier Amirault
  • Three stars of Vouvray: Clos Naudin, Huet and Sébastien Brunet
  • Two legendary Montlouis, La Taille aux Loups and François Chidaine, as well as one of the most exciting rising stars of the appellation, Le Rocher des Violettes
  • Magical Sancerre from €17 (Alphonse Mellot, Vacheron, Fouassier, François Crochet, Gérard Boulay, Vincent Gaurdy et Vincent Pinard)
  • The finest Pouilly-Fumé (Dagueneau and Michel Redde)

Happy shopping!

Access the sales catalogue:

30/11/2018 – 11h30 : SANCERRE
30/11/2018 – 11h35 : SAUMUR et SAUMUR CHAMPIGNY
30/11/2018 – 11h40 : CHINON
30/11/2018 – 11h45 : MONTLOUIS et VOUVRAY
30/11/2018 – 11h50 : Other LOIRE red
30/11/2018 – 11h55 : Other LOIRE white

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