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Bizot, Overnoy, Ganevat, L’Anglore, Rochard Leroy, Selosse, Lassaigne…Discover this superb private collection containing the very essence of natural wine. Other names that aren’t stamped with the ‘natural’ label (Rayas and other Emmanuel Reynaud satellite appellations, Coche-Dury, Roulot, Marie-Thérèse Chappaz…) also figure in this auction, bringing together the crème de la crème of fine wine. It’s simple, this private collection is a compilation of exemplary bottles…

The cellar of a true wine-lover

All the bottles in this auction come from the cellar of a true enthusiast. He fell into the world of wine at a young age, frequenting the wine bars of Paris in the 1980s. It was at this time that he had the chance to meet some of the era’s emblematic figures: Jules Chauvet, Marcel Lapierre, Overnoy, Marie-Thérèse Chappaz, Foillard, and Yvon Métras. “My encounter with Jules Chauvet was a decisive moment, a bit of a shock to the system”, he explains. “He was a scientist who managed to make himself understood by everyone. At the time, he was a négociant and was experimenting with natural wine that I was lucky enough to taste. It was thanks to him that I became more seriously interested and wanted to deepen my knowledge of the subject. From 1988, I had a particular penchant for natural wine, though I was no purist: I loved all good wines!”

The essential part of this collection was purchased from the domain, our seller being a long-time, loyal buyer of some of the finest wine makers. Over the years, he has had time to really get to know them all. And these have been the encounters that have guided his discovery in the world of wine and forged his tastes. “For me, my passion for wine is above all about people, and meeting them. I’ve visited many domains and discussed with the wine makers, trying to understand their philosophy. I’ve always most appreciated those who consistently revise their work and methods.”

Since their original purchase, these wines have never moved from the cellar they’ve been stocked in. And this is an ideal cellar – we expected no less from an enthusiast who bought these wines for himself – that is underground, three levels down, vaulted in stone, equipped with a regulated temperature of 12°C throughout the year and a humidity kept at 75%.

Rest assured that this auction represents just one part of this owner’s collection, so he won’t be missing out on his fine wine. It’s the selling of his house, and the consequent emptying of his cellar, that has led him to part with some references. So there’s no regret on his part, on the contrary he’s happy to be sharing his discoveries with other wine lovers. In the name of total transparency, there are many of us in the iDealwine team who would very much like to participate in this auction! And a fun fact, this seller now works on his son’s domain in the Rhône Valley…so clearly, he hasn’t failed to pass his passion on!

Fine, natural wines

This cellar certainly has a natural theme, containing many of the most coveted domains of this kind. “I have often chosen natural wine, or at least clean and low-intervention wines. I like small producers’ wines. This said, I’m no great expert of natural wine! I just like good wine, that’s all – some of them are natural, others are not. And it’s easy to figure out if a wine is good or not…the bottle will be emptied much quicker!”

Several lots from Domaine Overnoy are available here, including a 1999 vin jaune, Poulsard, Chardonnay, and Savagnin ouillé, often in vintages from the 2000s and early 2010s. Another star from the Jura, Domaine Ganevat, is also represented here by its vin jaune (2004), Les vignes de mon père (2000, 2002), and the En Billat, Jullien and Marguerite cuvées.

From Burgundy, Jean-Yves Bizot takes centre stage. You will have the pleasure of discovering several cuvées by this great, natural winemaker – who adds only a tiny amount of sulphites during élevage – such as his Echezeaux (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), Vosne-Romanée, Marsannay, and Bourgognes. Indeed, there are 20 lots from this domain in the auction, covering vintages from 2007 to 2014. From Chablis, Domaine De Moor is waiting to introduce its high calibre cuvées that we recommend in a heartbeat.

Over ten lots of Champagne from Selosse – one of the most coveted producers – also makes an appearance in its 1990 to 1996 vintages, as well as the Substances, Carelles, Version Originale and brut Initial cuvées. Lassaigne, another icon of fine, natural Champagne features in this private collection, in with vintages from 2002, 2003 and 2005.

Next up is Domaine L’Anglore, which has been making waves at auction for some years now. These are fine wines at prices that have been mounting but remain relatively attainable. In this sale, there are numerous lots of various cuvées to discover, from 2007 to 2015.  Still in the Rhône, we’re pleased to see that there are bottles up for grabs from Domaine Jean-Michel Stéphan, the reference for organic and natural Côte-Rôtie cuvées. From the south, Domaine Gramenon’s flavourful, fruity Côtes-du-Rhône make an appearance. Don’t miss out on the Ceps Centenaires cuvées, from 120-year-old Grenache vines!

Another must-have natural producer is the Angevin domain Richard Leroy, whose Les Rouliers and Les Noels de Montbenault cuvées you’ll find here.

Finally, even though we might not identify it primarily with natural wine, Clos Rougeard is staking its claim in this movement. Its 2009 Les Poyeux and Brézé cuvées await. Still thirsty for new finds? Why not consider bottles from Frédéric Cossard, Philippe Pacalet and Dominique Derain (Burgundy), Alexandre Juveaux (Mâconnais), Julien Meyer (Alsace), Pattes Loup (Chablis), Domaine du Collier (Saumur and Saumur-Champigny), Dard and Ribo (North Rhône), Bruno Dechêne (Collioure) and Frank Cornelissen (Sicily).

Mature vintages and mythical labels

This is a superb selection offering several mature vintages from the 1990s and 2000s. It’s worth noting the presence of a 1986 Château Margaux, a Château Rayas from 1998, 1999, and 2000, and a Fonsalette and Pignan, both from 1999. From the icon that is Emmanuel Reynaud, you’ll also find La Pialade and Château des Tours, available in a lovely vertical.

From Provence, we recommend Domaine Trévallon, whose ready-to-drink vintages you’ll find here (2004, 2005, 2009), as well as Domaine Léon Barral (2008). From Champagne, don’t miss out on David Leclapart’s biodynamic bubbly. And, from the Mâconnais, we’re fans of Domaine Guillemot-Michel, who also works biodynamically.

Perhaps the biggest names from Burgundy in this private collection are Coche-Dury and Roulot, both of which are special favourites of the seller and of the iDealwine team alike.

And a last little gem comes from one of Switzerland’s finest wine makers, Marie-Thérèse Chappaz…a discovery you’d be a fool to miss out on!

Are you envious of a cellar such as this? Now’s the moment to realise your dream…happy bidding!

Access the sales catalogue here:
04/03/2020 – 11H30 : Misc. French Wines 1996-2018
04/03/2020 – 12H00 : Champagne 1996-2010
04/03/2020 – 12H30 : Loire 2000-2016
04/03/2020 – 13H00 : Jura 1998-2016
04/03/2020 – 13H30 : Rhône 2005-2017 – White
04/03/2020 – 14H00 : Rhône 2006-2014 – Red
04/03/2020 – 15H00 : Burgundy 2000-2015 – White
04/03/2020 – 16H00 : Burgundy 1998-2017 – Red

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