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No need to wait any longer, they’re back! The domains that you’ve fallen for have returned to iDealwine in full force, with many of them making appearances in new vintages. Since we are, above all else, great enthusiasts, we have built on our network of rising stars, new flavours, and must-haves. Here is a diverse selection to see you through the winter.

Your favourite domains are making a comeback

Like us, you have loved them. Rising stars, appellation saviours, models of organic and biodynamic farming…these domains express the identity of their terroir superbly. From Alsace, you’ll find the young winemaker Agathe Bursin, who produces marvels from the excellent Riesling grape, in the Dirstelberg and Zinnkoepflé crus. And these wines can still be bought for very tempting prices. She is accompanied in the region by the family domain Albert Boxler who sees his vocation as a blank canvas on which to express himself. As you will see, from his late-harvesting Pinot Gris to his Riesling grand cru and Pinot Noir, the artistic talent of this winemaker is limitless.

In the Loire, Domaine de la Porte Saint-Jean has charmed you with its long maturation, its trademark, and its producer who has previously worked for Gauby and Thierry Germain, as well as at Château Yvonne and Clos Rougeard. Here we have one of his France La Perlée cuvées as well as a magnum of Saumur Les Cormiers. As for the biodynamic movement, it certainly hasn’t left you uninspired. We have to admit that these fine, delicate and bright wines are cause for admiration. Discover the Patrimonios of Antoine Arena, and the sweet Au Capcéu from the Jurançon domain Camin Larredya that Constance (from our marketing team) visited this summer – she particularly appreciated the mastery of the balance between the wine’s sugary and more acidic qualities.

In another region altogether, Marcel Richaud has been working for years on a viticultural renewal in the village of Cairanne (Provence), creating clean and precise wines through natural vinification. Discover the 2018 Côtes-du-Rhône Terre de Galets, a sharing wine that is ample and generous at a very accessible price.

New vintages, to enjoy or to age

In the collection of comebacks, some of our favourites have returned in the guise of new vintages. In the Rhône Valley, there are a number of wonderful bottles that await: Domaine Coursodon’s 2018 Saint-Joseph, Domaine des Entrefaux’ 2017 Crozes-Hermitage, and several of Yves Cuilleron’s cuvées in their 2017 and 2018 vintages. These are bottles that will reward a few years of ageing in your cellar. For those of you who are less patient, travel south to the talents of Elodie Balme, producer of Côtes-du-Rhône Rasteau and Roaix cuvées. Flavourful, fruity and generous, these are wines that can be enjoyed straight away with characterful dishes. If you are looking for more finesse, the 2017 Chardonnays from the Burgundian Louis Latour estate are a superb option, as well as the Alsace domain Weinbach’s biodynamic 2018 Rieslings. Their Saint-Cathérine cuvée and the Schlossberg grand cru are among our favourites.

Some new names

Of course, we don’t want to play it too safe – there are always new horizons to explore! Have you heard of Guillaume Overnoy? Nephew of Pierre Overnoy, he has been running his organic vineyard since 2013. Here, he crafts single-parcel wines that are reputed for their purity and vivacity. We have also ventured to the south-west of France in search of the precious Armagnacs from Laberdolive (property of the Darroze family), as well as Cognacs from the Normandin-Mercier family estate.

Icons, now and forever

If this selection undoubtedly draws attention to our collection of especially affordable new arrivals, we haven’t forgotten the icons. From Bordeaux, the 2013 Château Petrus as well as Lynch Bages and the 2016 Mission-Haut-Brion are bound to excite your tastebuds. Much like the 2015 Rozier Côte-Rôtie by Gangloff!

And this isn’t all we have up for grabs. You’ll also find the natural wines of Yvon Métras and Marcel Lapierre, the delicate Syrah wines by Stéphane Usseglio, the structured and energetic Côtes-du-Jura from Marnes Blanches, as well as Arnaud Lambert’s Saumur-Champigny cuvées.

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