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We’ve given our selection of must-haves a slight makeover, stripping the selection down to 50 cuvées which are the best starting point for anyone creating their own cellar. New year, new me, as they say 😉.

Our ‘Must-haves’ is our carefully chosen selection of 50 cuvées without which any good cellar is simply incomplete. These wines are therefore the perfect starting point for those of you who are unsure of where to begin when putting together your cave. These are wines which, over the years, have found a place in our hearts thanks to their irrefutable, outstanding quality. They are wines which are produced by the most discerning winemakers who have made an art of their profession. And in this selection, you will find wines which are emblematic of each region at more than reasonable prices. Here is a brief overview.

Clos Puy Arnaud is without a doubt one of the Bordeaux wines which has most impressed the iDealwine team in the last few years, one of the finest signatures in the appellation. And it’s biodynamic, need we say more?

In Burgundy, (re)discover the Mâconnais and their version of Chardonnay which is entirely different, for instance the Clos du Four from Héritiers Comtes Lafon. With its expressive nose laden with aromas of citrus fruits, buttery and hazelnut notes, its lovely substance on the palate, you will be falling under its charm in no time.

In the Loire, the cuvée Nuits d’Ivresse from Catherine and Pierre Breton is quite simply thrilling. It’s vibrant and full of joy: a truly easy-drinking wine to enjoy in good company. We had the pleasure of welcoming France Breton (Catherine and Pierre’s daughter) to our office recently for a tasting of the domain’s cuvées. Produced from old vines, this cuvée is dense and very aromatic, with the perfect balance between fruit and tannins.

In the Rhone valley, we strongly recommend the Crozes-Hermitage from Domaine Aléofane. Meticulously vinified, with as little intervention as possible, Natacha Chavre’s Crozes-Hermitage offers notes of red and black fruits, chocolate, flowers and spices. Leave in your cellar for a few years – if you can wait – and it will develop in finesse.

In the Beaujolais, we are happy to offer you one of the most well-known wines of Morgon. It is, of course, that of Marcel Lapierre, the “pope” of natural Beaujolais. On this exceptional terroir, this cru melds incredibly delicious fruits with silky tannins.

Don’t miss out on the wines from Domaine Gauby, one of the leading winemakers in the Roussillon. The IGP Côtes-Catalanes Vieilles Vignes (their intermediary cuvée) is the best starting point for familiarizing yourself with this domain’s wines.

In the Jura, the Chardonnay Les Graviers from Domaine Bénédicte et Stéphane Tissot is crystalline, mineral and…quite simply a must-have. From one region on the rise to another, the Savoy wine Les Alpes from Domaine Belluard is an excellent wine. This 100% Gringet (grape variety native to Savoy) is very mineral and has incredible length.

Finally, let’s talk Champagne. We’re never short of occasions to open a bottle of champagne, are we? Elsa, from the marketing team, strongly suggests you try champagnes from Maison Jacquesson. Produced from a base of the 2013 vintage, the cuvée 741 Jacquesson is the domain’s main cuvée and has a distinctive purity, vibrancy and a mineral register.

If all of this has succeeded in whetting your appetite, why not check out our Must-haves for yourself? You won’t regret it!

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