Loire wine: 350 references – CLOSED

Loire wine sale Loire, here we come, with one of our favorite sales! From this region full of treasures at reasonable prices, we sought what’s best. Everybody will find something that suits them, as this sale has both world renowned stars like Clos Rougeard or Dagueneau, and some of the best values for money from the French vineyard.

From Sancerre, region much loved by Sauvignon connoisseurs, you will find great classics from Alphonse Mellot or Vacheron. We really recommend you to try some of our new partner domains, we warmly welcome, by the way. Let’s start with Pré Semelé, whose Les Chasseignes cuvée came second in the ranking of best Sauvignon in the world (a list published in the October 2017 issue of La Revue du Vin de France). Another domain to follow in this appellation is Lucien Crochet, now also available at fixed-price.

From the west side of the Loire, we have a little crush on Muscadet wines, lively and nervous. Here, we only offer you what’s best: Domaine de l’Ecu – biodynamic wines made in amphora – Domaine de Bellevue – a rising organic domain – the famous Jo Landron, and Bonnet-Huteau – an already famous organic domain -.

Further east, Saumur and Saumur-Champigny offer very fine wines. You will find first of all the dry white wines from the mythic Clos Rougeard, but also Alphonse Mellot, another star of the region. Unless you prefer Domaine du Collier owned by Charly Foucault’s son. We also recommend – as we often do, but we really love it – Domaine des Roches Neuves, where all cuvées are of a very high level, and offered for the first time in the 2016 vintage, but also Château Yvonne, both in biodynamics. Finally, we are happy to present a new partner domain: Château de Villeneuve, where Jean-Pierre Chevallier works with passion on great terroirs.

From Bourgueil and Chinon, Charles Joguet is a sure bet, so are Domaine des Chesnaies and Philippe Alliet. No need to present Catherine and Pierre Breton anymore, or one of our favourites, Domaine de la Chevalerie. Loire lovers will probably fall for the wines from Bernard Baudry, who already enjoys a good reputation among connoisseurs, or Domaine Grosbois, for smaller budgets.

From Vouvray and Montlouis, don’t miss the sublime sweet wines from Domaine Huet, nor those from François Chidaine but also, a recent crush of the team, Domaine du Rocher de Violettes. To avoid jealousies, we will not talk too much about the few bottles from Domaine de la Taille aux Loups, which should be very, very quickly out of stock.

Lastly, from Pouilly-Fumé, you will find Domaine Dagueneau, world famous star! At more affordable prices, take a look at wines from Michel Redde & Fils, there are several fans of these fine wines in the iDealwine team.

Wishing you a pleasant shopping!

See wines available until 7th November:
07/11/2017 – 11.00am: Sancerre
07/11/2017 – 11.05am: Saumur & Saumur Champigny
07/11/2017 – 11.10am: Chinon
07/11/2017 – 11.15am: Montlouis & Vouvray
07/11/2017 – 11.20am: Misc. Loire red
07/11/2017 – 11.25am: Misc. Loire white


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