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light wines

Rosé, white, red or sparkling? At aperitif, to boost your barbecues or for your summer feasts, you’ll find everything you need among these gems. Discover our array of delicious light wines to savour throughout the season.

Rosé is of course the star of long summer days. Starting with Domaine Trienne’s offering, a firm favourite of the team here, that will delight your guests with its balance of red fruits and citrus. For a light lunch, opt for the IGP Loire Le Rosé d’Ancenis 2018 from La Paonnerie or a Côtes-de-Provence Rimauresq Cru Classé 2018. Richer rosés can also be the perfect pairing for your barbecues and flavourful feasts; we particularly recommend Corail 2017 from Château de Roquefort. Its aromas of citrus fruit and red fruits offer a fresh wine with a nice finish. Another option is the Figari 2016 from Clos Canarelli, with its floral and fruity notes lifted by hint of spice.

White wines also have their place this season, particularly the Vin de France Muscat 2015 from domain Giudicelli, which develops a nose of floral aromas and surprises with its well-rounded texture, and notes of Corsica’s sun-soaked fruits. A balanced wine that can be enjoyed either at aperitif or with a fish and lemon sauce. For your fish dishes this summer, you can also choose between an Alsace wine from domain Marcel Deiss, a Sancerre La Grande Côte from François Cotat, or a Menetou-Salon Les Blanchais from domain Henry Pellé. If you’re looking for a refined and vibrant wine, the Chevalier-Montrachet 2014 from La Vougeraie is ideal. Its bouquet is at once floral, lactic, toasted and lightly mineral, with a pleasantly bitter finish.

Say goodbye to clichés that red wine is too heavy for the summer. Marcel Lapierre’s Vin de France Raisins Gaulois is the aperitif wine par excellence; enjoy young paired with charcuterie for its fruity, disgestible and fresh character. The same holds true for Pierre Cotton’s Le Pré 2017. A light and fresh Beaujolais with good structure. A true easy-drinking wine. Its structure also allows for slightly more intricate food pairings such as, for instance, grilled chicken or duck magret. The Italian wine IGT Veneto Primofiore from Giuseppe Quintarelli will surprise and delight your guests with its lightness and supple tannins; pair with a duck stew or porcini mushroom risotto. The Morgon Corcelette 2018 from Louis-Claude Desvignes is extremely fragrant, with notes of cherry and ripe fruits and tender on the palate.

Last but by no means least, don’t forget champagne is perfect all year round. The cuvée des Caudalies from Domaine de Sousa combines the vibrancy of Chardonnay with the fleshy indulgence of Pinot Noir. This cuvée will come into its own with a plate of shellfish or fish.

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