Languedoc, Roussillon and South West: they are all popular destinations for French summer holidays. They are also three of the most dynamic, interesting vineyards of France, and among the most affordable. And as a bonus, three of the most organic. To sum it up: a real Eldorado for oenophiles looking for hidden treasures.

You may think that Languedoc, Roussillon and South West have not many common features. But when you talk about wine from these regions, there is at least one common trend: the rise of young and passionate winemakers, attracted by the quality of the terroirs and the affordable price of vineyards, who don’t hesitate to be innovative. Replanting forgotten grape varieties, vinifying differently, making experiments, they strive to combine traditions and innovation… As a result, the quality of production in these three regions has increased enormously in recent years, to the point of becoming some of the most remarkable vineyards of the country. These regions are also well ahead of the trend of organic and biodynamic wines, a core fact to which we are not insensitive. In short, these are three absolutely exciting regions for wine lovers! 😊

Our selection of Languedoc wines fits every category: the kind you enjoy with friends, but also gastronomic wines to pair with a good meal and even long-keeping wines. For your aperitifs or barbecues with friends, our best advice would be the cuvée XB from the Domaine de la Terrasse d’Elise: a 100% syrah ultra-seductive and delightful with its fruity aromas, freshness and suppleness. But the Antonyme cuvée from Canet-Valette is just as wonderful, as are Lou Maset from Aupilhac and Les Pointes of Clos Ventas. Our selection of outstanding Languedoc wines is vast, but do not worry, they all have been lovingly selected by our team. Regarding gastronomic wines, it’s very simple, we have the perfect selection, including some of the best vineyards of Languedoc, such as Mas Daumas Gassac, the Domaine de la Terrasse d’Elise, Aurelles, Mas Jullien, Alain Chabanon, Clos Marie, Gavin Crisfield, Aupilhac, Jean-Baptiste Senate, L’Hortus, Mas Champart… Last but not least, we could obviously not leave out the mythical Grange des Pères, available in red and white. Note, you will find many large and very large formats here, perfect for your big summer tables…

In Roussillon, our selection is worth a look in white as well as in red and even in orange! With Gauby, the star of the region, you’ll have the opportunity to taste one of the greatest white wine of Southern France, with the cuvée Coume Gineste and its famous old-vine Grenache raised in barrels (a wine that deserves to wait a few years in the cellar though)… In red, La Muntada is obviously a must-have of the region, like most of the cuvées of this estate. And if you have never tasted an orange wine, this is the moment, with La Jasse: a magnificent expression of muscat of maceration, a wine simultaneously aromatic, structured and fresh. We also highly recommend the wines of Domaine Olivier Pithon and Clos des Fées.

Finally, we offer you a complete overview of the diversity of wines and spirits of the South-West, ranging from the very beautiful Cahors of Château du Cèdres, or Clos Triguedina, Cosse-Maisonneuve, Mas Del Périé to Jurançons Jardins de Babylone from Souch, Cauhapé or Charles Hours, to Armagnacs from Darroze and Irouléguy from the Arretxea estate, the reference for Basque wines.

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