Italian wine: 70 cuvées from €9 to €320 – CLOSED

Italian wineLet’s change horizon for once and travel to Italy! The wines are becoming extremely popular among wine lovers and collectors around the world. We can’t deny that Italy produces some of the best wines in the world, whether it is those from Tuscany (including the famous Sassicaia), Piedmont, Trentino, Veneto or even those from Sicily and Sardinia. Do you want to join us in this beautiful trip?

Let’s start with the North of Italy, with Trentino. From this beautiful mountainous region, we offer wines that we particularly appreciate, those from ​​Elisabetta Foradori, superb vineyard in the Dolomites, grown in biodynamics, with old local grape varieties and amphora winemaking. All her wines are sublime, offering beautiful smooth textures. Trust us; all the wines from Foradori are great!

Further south, in Piedmont, we have selected La Spinetta, a nice domain from ​​Barbaresco belonging to the Rivetti brothers. We also offer Elio Altare from Barolo, which produces very elegant, precise and unpretentious wines, but also Luigi Pira, a rising domain from ​​the region, particularly skilled when it comes to making nebbiolo sublime. From DOC Brunello di Montalcino, try Conti Costanti, a very old domain with wines that are matured for a long time and where the grape varieties boast finesse with simplicity. The Sottimano domain, in the heart of Langhe, offers great wines with a good ageing potential. Finally, you can’t miss the great Roberto Voerzio, but the selection also has many other delicious signatures, such as Burlotto or La Fortuna.

From Tuscany, you will find a vast selection of great wines, starting with the world famous Sassicaia, one of the first « super Tuscan », with Bordeaux wines characteristics. The selection also includes wines from Piero Antinori, Duemani, Querciabella, San Giusto and Tenuta Fertuna.

From the Abbruzes, we have selected only the best with Emidio Pepe, superb historical and biodynamic domain, with very fine, deep, smooth wines, with a nice fruit freshness.

From Campania, take a look at the wines of Silvia Imparato and from Basilicata, those of Elena Fucci.

From Sardinia, don’t miss the Punica domain, a group adventure, between the legendary Tenuta San Guido domain, the Sardinian winery Cantina di Santadi and the famous Tuscan wine expert Giacomo Tachis.

We are particularly proud of our Sicilian selection, offering three of the best domains of the island. First, COS is a biodynamic domain, which uses in addition to vats and barrels, amphora, an unmissable reference. From the same family, you’ll find Arianna Occhipinti, niece of Giusto Occhipinti from COS, in organic agriculture and inspired by biodynamics, blue chip from the region, of which we are particularly fan! Finally, you will also find the Caruso-Minini, a more traditional domain, cultivating local grapes.

Wishing you a pleasant Italian shopping!

See wines available until 21st November:

21/11/2017 – 11.00am: Tuscany
21/11/2017 – 11.05am: Misc. Italian Wine


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