iDealwine’s Fine Wine Festival | Free gift card for orders over €100

Ladies and gentlemen, our Fine Wine Festival is now officialy open. Not satisfied with merely creating a lineup of exceptional wines in equally exceptional vintages, our team decided to go one step further: as well as discounted prices, you will have the pleasant surprise of finding a gift card in your parcel.

The big day is upon us! The great names of the wine world – Lafite-Rothschild, Leroy, Guigal, Ganevat… – brought together in a fabulous Foire aux Vins selection. To celebrate this star lineup, iDealwine has come up with yet another surprise for you. As well as the discounts on these extraordinary bottles, we’re offering you gift cards corresponding to your order total. So, for orders over €100, you’ll have a gift card worth €10 slipped in with your order.

Some of you won’t be able to limit your purchases to €100… Good news! When you spend over €200 in the sale, a gift card worth €20 will be yours, and €40 for orders over €400. This magical gift card will be valid for one year for all the wines on our website.

If you needed another reason to fall for the 200 wines available in this festival, then here it is! Come and discover our Fine Wine Festival, online until 1st October.

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