Fixed-price sale: the lofty heights of Alsace, the Jura and Savoie!

VAD jura alsace savoieAlsace, the Jura and Savoie might be best known for their steep valleys and snow-capped mountains, but these eastern regions deserve more recognition for their outstanding wines. Low temperatures and steep landscapes bestow these regions with a unique viticultural heritage. What’s more, high quality wines can come in at a considerably lower price than those from other regions as it remains relatively undiscovered. Winemakers here continue to grow many local grape varieties that express their unique terroir. As a result, the wines have a distinct flavour profile: most people would instantly recognise a vin jaune, a Gewurztraminer or a Gringet in a blind tasting. Perhaps it’s the fresh mountain air, but winemakers here seem to be endowed with an adventurous spirit. You will find many innovative and biodynamic producers in these parts. Our fixed-price sale is a wonderful assortment of new cuvées and established classics. Read on for more information.


Alsace boasts a kaleidoscope of different wines due to the varied terroirs, climates, grape varieties and winemaking methods found throughout the region. Marcel Deiss, a fervent biodynamist, is surely one of the authorities on Alsatian wine. We are delighted to have three of his white wines on offer in this fixed-price sale: made from local grape varieties, they come from vineyards in Langenberg, Grasberg and Burg. We also have the most recent cuvée from Domaine Ostertag, “A l’Orient d’Eden”, made from Gewürztraminer vines in the sunny terroir of Fronholz.  The new offering from Zusslin, another biodynamic domain, is a special edition bottle made in homage to Jean Michel Zusslin: a superb late harvest Riesling from the Grand Cru Pfingstberg. The emblematic cuvée from Domaine Hugel could also be yours: a Gewürztraminer called “Grossi Laüe”, which means “grands terroirs” in Alsatian dialect. Finally, there is also the “1854” Pinot Gris, named after the year Domaine Josmeyer was founded and aged in hundred year old oak barrels.


Savoie brings us a vast array of excellent wines, including offerings from the illustrious Domaine des Ardoisières, the producer on everyone’s lips at the moment: their wines are light and sharp and go perfectly with seafood. Local grape varieties in the Savoie such as Mondeuse and Chasselas are truly special and are a must try. What’s more, in this sale you are spoiled for choice: from the delicious cuvées of Domaine Giachino to those of Michel and André Quenard. The Domaine Les Vignes du Paradis is another pearl of Savoie, offering many different bottles of Chasselas for you to try, including Quintessence and Un Petit Coin de Paradis.


Finally, we reach the lofty heights of the Jura, a region that holds a special place in our hearts. We are proud to say that we have never had such a large selection of vins jaunes on offer from Domaine Tissot. We also have 3 other extraordinary cuvées: the Chardonnay Rosé Massale cuvée (a rare grape variety), Clos de la Tour de Curon and the top tier cuvée from the domain, the Vin Jaune W (matured in whiskey barrels!). What better way to enjoy winter dishes than with a Savagnin blend! The cold weather here in France is showing no signs of leaving so we will have to treat ourselves to a nice fondue and a bottle from Macle or Berthet-Bondet. Be sure to also take a look at the fantastic oxidative whites (a common method of winemaking in these parts) from Domaine Rijckaert, they offer excellent value.

Happy shopping!

Access the sales catalogue:

07/03/2018 – 11.00am: Alsace – Riesling
07/03/2018 – 11.05am: Alsace – Pinot Gris
07/03/2018 – 11.10am: Alsace – Gewurztraminer
07/03/2018 – 11.15am: Autres Alsace
07/03/2018 – 11.20am: Jura – Arbois
07/03/2018 – 11.25am: Jura – Côtes du Jura
07/03/2018 – 11.30am: Autres Jura
07/03/2018 – 11.35am: Savoie – White
07/03/2018 – 11.40am: Savoie – Red

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