Fixed-price sale: a wine tour of the world

foreign wines vad blogThis week we are broadening our horizons and letting curiosity take us to the four corners of the world. It’s high time we discover the best our European neighbours and the New World have to offer so join us as we embark on a little world tour to 17 countries to discover 300 wines!

Fellow wine lovers often ask us to suggest some good non-French wines (of which there are many!) so we thought we’d take you on an adventure round the world. Let’s take a look at what we’ve managed to track down…

An incredible selection of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Austrian, Swiss and Greek wine.

Italy seems as good a place as any to start our world tour. This beautiful country produces wine in many different regions and Tuscany is a treasure trove of excellent wine: why not try a famous Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido, one of the ‘Super Tuscans’ and arguably the most famous wine to come out of this country. You will find that it shares similarities with Bordeaux. Two domains that are certainly worth your attention are Duemani and Querciabella. Another star from this country, this time from the north of Italy, is the Azienda Agricola Dal Forno Romano, not to mention the domain Roberto Voerzio. Certainly worth the detour! The hidden gems from this country come without doubt from Foradori, Cos and Occhipinti but we also strongly recommend the excellent offerings from Quintarelli, including the Amarone to beat all Amaroni. Musella is a biodynamic domain that makes highly sought-after Valpolicella Superiore as well as Ripasso and Amarone. Terre Nere is another fabulous domain just north of Mount Etna producing brilliant biodynamic wines. Whilst in Sicily be sure to also check out Baracco and their biodynamic Marsala.

Hopping over to Spain and we have the best offerings from Bodega Contador (Benjamin Romeo) – who set the benchmark with their Rioja and have bagged 100 Parker points for it -, Mas Doix – who have been producing the finest Priorat since 1850 – and Alvaro Palacios (described as the “most sensational”  winemaker by Wine Spectator).

Crossing the border into Portugal and we find fabulous Ports (from Quinta Do Noval and Taylor), not to mention Vinho Verde, a grape variety that produces beautifully fresh and light wines that are perfect with fish or seafood.

Spain, Italy and Portugal: their offerings are fairly well-known amongst wine lovers, but Greek wine? Dare we say it, but Greek wines deserve to be revered just as much. We have bottles from the best domains: Tetramythos – an organic estate that produces wines made from well-known and local varieties -, Sclavos – a small domain in Cephalonia who have been pioneers of biodynamic wine in Greece and who produce white and orange wines from local varieties -, Hatzidakis – one of the best domains on the beautiful island of Santorini who produce organic wines from local (and very old!) vines, and finally, Thymiopoulos – a biodynamic domain that produces the most elegant wines.

Sublime Rieslings from Germany and Austria

We have also tracked down some incredible fine whites from Germany including wines from Joh. Jos. Prum – whose whites always tempt us (and come in at great prices) – , Dr. H. Thanisch – who has one of the most picturesque vineyards in all of Germany – , Fritz Haag in Mosel and Donnhoff, the master of Riesling. We are also delighted to offer for the first time wines from Breuer, a glorious domain in Rheingau (west of Frankfurt).

From Austria we will leave you to be tempted by the wines from domain Kracher (Burgenland) – whose fabulous sweet wines many of our Club iDéal members had the pleasure of tasting at one of our tasting events -, Moric – whose delicate reds made from the grape variety Blaufränskish are highly prized – and, finally, Erste Lage and Gobelsburg – the oldest domain in the Danube, revered for its Grüner Veltliner.

Finally, let us not forget Switzerland who produces some marvellous whites (and reds). We strongly recommend giving some of the wines from the Marie Thérèse Chappaz domain a go: this immense figure is Swiss wine royalty and the biodynamic wines they produce regularly receive 100 Parker points. The domain is particularly celebrated for its Petite Arvine, a Swiss grape variety.

And an astounding choice of New World wines

Let’s start in South Africa, a region that truly deserves to be discovered. Start by trying something from The Sadie Family (Swartland), one of the most revered domains in all the country and quite right too! Offerings from Glenelly (who you have probably heard us mention before) are also a sound investment. South Africa offers incredible alternatives to those who are partial to a good Bordeaux blend. Another domain certainly worth exploring is Bouchard Finlayson, an icon of Walker Bay (known for its fresh climate) whose Pinot Noir has a unique expression.

In Australia there are some firm favourites as well as some exciting new domains to the iDealwine catalogue: Torbreck are setting high standards in the Barossa Valley and producing wines from Rhône grape varieties; Mount Langi Ghiran has also made a name for itself thanks to its Syrah (Shiraz); Cullen is yet another excellent domain producing biodynamic wines while Yering Station and Chapoutier’s foray into the Australian wine industry are another two fantastic producers.

As for New Zealand, the Dog Point domain produces some of the finest examples from the north of the south island while Cloudy Bay is THE name in Marlborough (not to mention Greywacke, the venture of the owner of Cloudy Bay). Te Mata Estate is the oldest domain in the country and the pioneer of ‘New World’.

America is also well represented with magnificent wines from Araujo Estate Wines in Napa Valley, one of the most famous domains in all of California. From Sonoma there is the iconic Mc Crea domain while from Oregon you can buy gems from Nicolas Jay which is owned by Jean-Nicolas Méo (Domaine Méo-Camuzet) and Jay Boberg.

From South America we are delighted to offer you some superb Argentinian wines such as Luna Austral (Alvaro Espinoza) – biodynamic wines produced in the Uco Valley by one of the best oenologists in the world (according to Decanter) -, El Enemigo and O. Fournier. Be sure to try some Chilean wines too, such as those from Viu Manent, a big-name domain.

Finally, we mustn’t forget to mention the fine Scotch whiskeys (Dalmore, Jura) and Japanese whiskeys (Nikka) and the mythical Lebanese wines from Château Kefraya.

There you have it, we hope you enjoyed your world tour. Happy shopping and bon voyage!

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