Auction Report: booming end-of-year for all icons

In all major wine-growing regions, an exceptional festival of lots was featured on iDealwine in the first two online auctions of December. An overview of the most desired bottles of the moment.

The end of the year is undoubtedly a prosperous time for wine auctions. In recent weeks, there have been two sales on iDealwine: a classic one at the beginning of the month, which closed on 13th December and a Private Collection, which gathered wines belonging to a single owner. Under the pressure of the bidders, some lots saw their prices sky-rocket.

At the forefront, the ultimate producer at auction is without any doubt the famous grand cru of Romanée-Conti. Back in November, iDealwine sold the most expensive bottle in its history, a 2000 Romanée-Conti which fetched €17,146. In this auction, wine-lovers have set their sights on a wine from the same domaine, a Grands-Echézeaux 1999: sold at €1,946 it was 76% more expensive compared to its average auction price!

Petrus maintains its legendary status and position as the most expensive Bordeaux: a 1989 vintage magnum reached €6,810 (+12%) on 13th December. Just as popular, the 1990 sold for €3,640 a bottle (+22%). But Petrus does not have the exclusivity at auction in Pomerol. In one of the last sales, a 1990 Château Le Pin went for €2,797 while a 2000 Château Lafleur was sold for €1,257.

Another auction superstar: Domaine Georges Roumier, keeps rising. In November, we already mentioned this producer when a lot of three 1978 Musigny was purchased by a Chinese wine-lover for €8,998 (i.e. €2,999 per bottle). In the auction closed 13th December, a bottle of the rare grand cru achieved a record price with the 2006 vintage at €4,986, an increase of 174%! The Côte de Nuits, as we know, currently pleases all appetites. It is therefore not surprising to find the 2001 Richebourg from Domaine Leroy at the top of the charts of the last auction, sold for €2,797 or the Chambertin 1993 from Domaine Rousseau which reached €2,432(+61%).

In Burgundy, Pinot Noir does not have the monopoly of feverish auctions and Meursault is often found in the heart of fine battles between wine-lovers. In addition to the domaine Coche-Dury (which was highly present in November) two other signatures have seen their prices flare in recent weeks: Domaine Roulot, whose premier cru Perrières 1990 has climbed to €815 (+123%) and Domaine Arnaud Ente, which stood out with its 2011 Premier Cru Les Gouttes d’Or which sold for €547.

If we look at the Rhone valley, a rare bottle made wine-lovers around the world dream: it was a Jeroboam of 1990 Hermitage La Chapelle (the equivalent of four bottles) that was acquired by an Austrian wine-lover for the sum of €2,432: a 30% premium compared to the price of the bottle. Another star in the region, the Chateauneuf-du-Pape Château Rayas, saw its 2007 price rise to €620 (+42%).

A rare magnum of the Saumur-Champigny Domaine du Clos Rougeard cuvée Le Bourg 2002 set a new record at €1,338 in the auction last December 18th. Here it should be noted that large formats often add a special and rare quality to the wines concerned, leading to a significant premium at auction.

It is now a certainty: not only is no famous wine region apparently safe from a runaway market, but what is more, the trend will seemingly not stop in the coming months, as more and more wine-lovers from all over the world are looking out for the classic items offered at auctions. We will soon be able to give you the detailed list of fabulous auctions that have marked 2017, a year which isn’t over yet! Because until 27th December is featured the largest auction in our history: 6,500 lots and nearly 14,000 bottles… We told you that one record follows another 😉

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