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Tannins in wine
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Tasting made easy: understanding tannins

The word “tannin” may not be a part of everyday life, but it is often used when tasting red wine. After reading this article, you will understand what it means when someone says a wine is “extremely tannic”, or that after 20 years of ageing, “the tannins became soft!” What is tannin? Tannins are molecules present in grape skins and seeds. These molecules have the ability to react with proteins in your mouth’s saliva during tasting. The tannins precipitate during this reaction, giving wine a certain roughness. The role of tannins Tannins play…

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How much is a vertical of Mouton Rothschild worth?

Château Mouton Rothschild’s labels are annually illustrated by a renowned artist, making it particularly suited to be sold as a vertical. This type of lot, which is highly prized by wealthy buyers, can reach record prices on auction. A vintage vertical of the same wine is a rare and sought-after collection item. Many collectors will therefore patiently collect different vintages of the same wine, hoping to eventually profit from the resale of the batch as a whole. However, not all wines are suited to be sold as a vertical. Mouton Rothschild and Yquem…

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How to age champagne

Similar to other wines, certain champagne styles will benefit from time in the bottle. Vintage champagnes in particular are well-suited to ageing, while the brut style is generally intended for immediate consumption. When ageing champagne, the bottle format (such as magnum or jeroboam) plays an important role, as well as the storage conditions (humidity, cellar temperature). While vintage wines available after three, five or even 10 years of cellaring, are usually ready to drink, it is not uncommon to keep some for even longer. Producing champagne takes time. It spends a minimum of…

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Is Petrus worth the price?

In the world of great Bordeaux, Petrus is certainly a top performer at auctions. But is paying several thousand euros for a bottle of this famous Pomerol really worth it? The great wines of Bordeaux are not all part of the 1855 classification, which concentrates on the left bank of Bordeaux. Located in the heart of the Pomerol appellation and property of the Moueix family, Petrus is proof of this, distinguishing itself as potentially the best red wine in the world. From Paris to Hong Kong and New York, a bottle of Petrus…

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