Budget-friendly bottles, iDealwine’s top picks


This week, iDealwine has crafted a selection of budget-friendly wines. At less than €20, these great wines are ideal for all celebratory occasions on the horizon, and better yet, they won’t break the bank. Wine for your aperitifs, barbecues, summer suppers and even cellaring wines…  

  1. To celebrate a special occasion

July is one of those months where reasons to celebrate are in glorious abundance. There’s nothing like a good bottle of bubbly to revel in one’s celebrations. Domain Roches Neuves and its Bulles de Roches (€15) delivers an aromatic bouquet of white fruits, citrus fruits, minerality, freshness and fine bubbles.

  1. The perfect wine for an aperitif with friends

As the long, hot days and balmy evenings are finally upon us, you won’t be in any shortage of reasons for an aperitif among friends. Domaine du Peyre’s deliciously fresh Paparazzi rosé, at a princely €11.50, is the perfect aperitif wine – and can also double up as a great pairing for fish.

  1. The perfect Sunday dinner wine

This weekend, as you’re about to tuck into your chicken roasted with vegetables, you’ll be delighted to see a bottle of Domaine Sainte Barbe’s Mâcon-Burgy 2014, a delicious pairing and at only €15.50, a bargain for such an elegant natural wine.

  1. To boost your barbecues

Summer is synonymous with barbecue. And no barbecue is complete without a bottle of Le Cab’des Acolytes from Domaine des Accoles. This easy-drinking wine will pair perfectly with your grilled dishes.

  1. For a romantic repast

The Côtes du Rhône Per El Saladin 2017 (€20) is a true declaration of love from vigneron Louis Saladin to his wife, and is just as suited to your romantic moments… At once full of complexity and harmonious, this wine has great aromatic finesse (floral, fruity).

  1. For your picnic panier

Guigal’s 2015 Côtes du Rhône offers unbeatable value for money: for just €8, all your picnic pairing needs will be fulfilled. Its notes of black fruits and spices make for an elegant, delicious wine, and it was even a highlight in Bettane+Desseauve 2016 guide.

  1. The perfect getaway wine

For those who aren’t lucky enough to be travelling far and wide this summer, let your taste buds transport you. Glenelly Estate’s Stellenbosch will fly you to South Africa for a mere €19; enjoy its depth and bouquet of red fruits and notes of cedar.

  1. To sip by the swimming pool

The sun is shining, the crickets are singing, and a cool breeze is delicately brushing against your skin: you’re drinking Château l’Afrique’s Côtes de Provence 2017 and quite frankly life couldn’t get any more idyllic. A rosé to guide you through the summer.

  1. When the sun is shining everywhere (literally everywhere), except your holiday destination

The weather can’t always be good, not even during the summer. For your evenings spent watching the rain by the fireplace, Clos des Fées’ Les Sorcières 2018 (€12.50) will delight you with its explosive bouquet of fruits and silky texture.

  1. For sunset sipping

After a long day of chasing the sun, enjoy the last light of the day with a 2018 Saumur from Château de Villeneauve to wake your taste buds without overwhelming them. Perfect with a ceviche of sea bream; elegant with white flower aromas and lemony notes.

  1. The ideal gift

A must-have at iDealwine, the 2016 Château Belle-Vue is the perfect present. This great value-for-money Bordeaux (€15.50) will surprise you by its blend of grapes (50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 20% Petit Verdot), which lend an elegant acidity to accompany the subtly spiced notes.

  1. Something a little different

Try a cider that’s nothing like you’ve ever tasted before. Eric Bordelet’s Sydre Argelette 2016 will give you a taste of haute-couture cider. Its vinous side, minerality, acidity and roundness create the perfect balance for this cider composed primarily of fruit from old trees.


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