Tasting: the three stages of evolution of red wines

Over the years, how do red wines behave, how do their aromas change and colour evolve?


Jean-Michel Stephan: outstanding, natural Côte-Rôtie

Natural wines are something of a rarity in Côte-Rôtie. Those of Jean-Michel Stephan astounded us with their purity and sublime freshness.

The 10 wine tasting terms to know

Impress at your next tasting with these ten sophisticated terms! iDealwine is on hand to guide you through the less evident expressions used in wine tasting world.


Our one-stop guide to the WSET Level 3 exam

Here at iDealwine, we are always looking for new opportunities to learn more about wine. Constance tells us about her WSET Level 3 exam.

January food and wine detox

Are you starting the new year with a detox? Here is our advice to help you in choosing low-calorie wines.

A classic cheese and wine pairing

What wine should you serve with cheese? This is a quintessentially French question, and one to which there is clearly ...

Decant wine image

Should you decant your wine?

To decant or not to decant – that is the often controversial question. What is the best way to prepare your wine before serving?

Red wine glass and chocolate

Pairing wine with chocolate

Have you ever wondered if chocolate can be paired with wine? Some may say that it doesn’t go together, but ...

Weinbach 1

A morning spent at Domain Weinbach

This week we turn to Alsace, a region we are particularly fond of, where this domain, renowned for its biodynamic methods and vibrant wines reigns supreme.

Image foie gras wine

What to serve with foie gras

            Aside from the ordinary pairings, which are the best wines to serve with foie ...