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Reserve des Célestins

The current auctions testify to the richness of French winemaking heritage, with stars from the past and present alike. The oldest bottle – a Cognac Grande Champagne Napoléon 4 – dates from 1858, and several new vintages to be left in your cellar are also for sale.

It would be hard to find better Bordeaux than what you’ll find in these auctions: whether it’s a Haut-Brion 1989, Petrus 1995 or Yquem 1959, the finest wines in the region are available in mythical vintages. In Burgundy, we’re honouring great white wines, with for instance lots of Corton-Charlemagne from Coche-Dury, Montrachets from Ramonet and Meursaults from Domaine d’Auvenay, Roulot and Arnaud Ente. You’ll also have noticed that a Bonne-Mares from Georges Roumier and the Chambertin Grand Cru from domains Armand Rousseau and Leroy have slipped into the auctions…

The star of the northern Rhone, Jean-Louis Chave’s Hermitage joins us in these auctions, in a stunning range of vintages, from 1997-2015. In the south, Rayas’ mythical Châteauneuf-du-Pape await your bids. André Brunel’s exceptional cuvée, Les Cailloux Cuvée du Centenaire, an ode to Grenache – is also up for auction. For those of you who want to try an off-the-beaten track wine of sorts, we particularly recommend Domaine de l’Anglore’s Tavel, a must-try natural producer in the region, available in magnum format. The team recently tasted (and thoroughly enjoyed) the wine at a recent iDealwine tasting in the connected wine bar 228 Litres.

The stars are shining in all of France’s winemaking regions. In the Loire, Clos Rougeard’s mythical Saumur-Champignys and Dagueneau’s Silex are available in several vintages. Champagne aficionados: a methuselah of Roederer’s Cristal is up for grabs… will you be the lucky winner? Whether it’s Pierre Overnoy’s vins jaunes, Trimbach’s Clos Sainte Hune or wines from Domaine de la Grange des Pères, the finest references from every region are available in both mature and recent vintages.

Heading even further afield, fine wines from around the world, such nectars as those from Screaming Eagle, Angelo Gaja and Egon Muller, are all looking for new owners.

The aforementioned wines are, however, only a fraction of the treasure you’ll find in our most recent auctions… Do have a look for yourself, you never know what you might find… Happy bidding!   

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