Auction: wonderful, cellar worthy bottles from 1898 to 2016. AUCTION CLOSED 15/03/2018

auction 1898How about adding some treasures and rare gems to your cellar? This auction is full to the brim with an impressive array of choice bottles. Play your cards right and you could pick up some incredible wines at incredible prices. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

The selection from Bordeaux features, as usual, a bounty of various grands crus from excellent vintages, including a 1923 Château Rayne Vigneau, a 2014 Haut Brion, a 1961 Giscours, a 1989 Petrus, a 1980 Yquem, and a Cheval Blanc and a Latour (both 1982). There are also some large format bottles from Château d’Yquem, Petrus and Château Margaux. With many bottles starting at just €1 (including a 2001 Rieussec and a 1970 Gaffelière), there are some great deals to be had.

Burgundy is also well accounted for and this auction boasts a very complete selection from Domaine Georges Roumier across many vintages (Bonnes-Mares, Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru Les Amoureuses…). You will also find some signature wines from the eminent Domaines de la Romanée-Conti (La Tâche, Montrachet), Comte Liger-Belair (La Romanée), Coche Dury, Comtes Lafon and Armand Rousseau. After an old vintage? You’ll find bottles going as far back as 1959 in Burgundy, not to mention some excellent large format bottles from Domaine des Tilleuls. With more than 30 lots up at auction without a reserve price, the final prices could be very competitive.

This time, from the Rhône, it is Guigal’s time to shine: there is a vast array of grandes cuvées available including l’Hermitage Ex Voto, La Chapelle and the LA-LA-LA series. Other big names featured from this region are d’Henri Bonneau, Rayas, Jean-Michel Gerin, Clos des Papes, Jean-Louis Chave, Thierry Allemand, Auguste Clape and Jamet. Whether you decide to pick up some bottles from the excellent 2009 and 2010 vintages and enjoy them now, or cellar something special from 2014 or 2015, you have plenty of choice. We strongly recommend trying some of the hidden gems from this region, such as the offerings from Château des Tours or the Domaine des Tours and Domaine Gonon.

The Loire has plenty on offer: the rare and mythic Cuvée la Goutte d’Or from Clos Naudin and Le Bourg and Les Poyeux from Clos Rougeard are some of those we are particularly excited about. Some of the great discoveries here include the wines from Ricard Leroy and Edmond Vatan. We suggest trying the cuvée Les Nourrissons from Stéphane Bernaudeau which wowed the iDealwine team at a recent tasting. The Sancerres from Alphonse Mellot offer great value for money, as do the Bourgueils from Domaine de la Butte, the Saumurs from Château Yvonne and Domaine du Collier and the Montlouis from François Chidaine.

Be sure to take a look at the Bandols available from southern France (Pibarnon, Tempier) and also the wines from Palette (Château Simone). There are some excellent bottles from Domaine de Trévallon and cult winery Grange des Pères. From Alsace you will find bottles from Zind-Humbrecht and Trimbach while from Champagne there are offerings from Krug and Bollinger.

Last but not least, we mustn’t forget to mention that there are fantastic non-French wines available in this auction, including incredible bottles from the renowned Piedmont producer, Angelo Gaja.

Happy bidding!

Access the sales catalogue:
14/03/2018 – 10.00am: Non-French Wines 1950-2016
14/03/2018 – 10.30am: Misc. French Wines 1935-2016
14/03/2018 – 11.00am: Alsace 1975-2014
14/03/2018 – 11.30am: Jura 1961-2016
14/03/2018 – 12.00pm: Champagne 1966-2010
14/03/2018 – 12.30pm: Loire 1947-2016
14/03/2018 – 01.00pm: Burgundy 1972-2008 – White
14/03/2018 – 01.30pm: Burgundy 2009-2015 – White
14/03/2018 – 02.00pm: Burgundy 1959-1997 – Red
14/03/2018 – 02.30pm: Burgundy 1998-2005 – Red
14/03/2018 – 03.00pm: Burgundy 2006-2009 – Red
14/03/2018 – 03.30pm: Burgundy 2010-2012 – Red
14/03/2018 – 04.00pm: Burgundy 2013-2015 – Red
15/03/2018 – 10.00am: Languedoc Roussillon 1925-2016
15/03/2018 – 10.30am: Rhône 1971-2015 – White
15/03/2018 – 11.00am: Rhône 1959-2001 – Red
15/03/2018 – 11.30am: Rhône 2002-2007 – Red
15/03/2018 – 12.00am: Rhône 2008-2015 – Red
15/03/2018 – 12.30am: Bordeaux 1950-1978 – Red
15/03/2018 – 13.00am: Bordeaux 1979-1988 – Red
15/03/2018 – 13.30am: Bordeaux 1989-1995 – Red
15/03/2018 – 14.00am: Bordeaux 1996-1999 – Red
15/03/2018 – 14.30am: Bordeaux 2000-2003 – Red
15/03/2018 – 15.00am: Bordeaux 2004-2014 – Red
15/03/2018 – 15.30am: Bordeaux 1923–1998 – White
15/03/2018 – 16.00am: Bordeaux 1999-2014 – White

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