Auction top picks | Works of art to uncork

The sun has restored a lust for life and a desire for the best. This auction opens the door to the domains you’ve only dreamt of.

Some icons

Have you been thinking about getting your hands on a really big name but haven’t yet reached that much-coveted milestone? Any of these iconic bottles, grands crus from Bordeaux and Burgundy, would have pride of place in your cellar. 2007 Chambertin and 1991 Richebourg from Domaine Leroy, 2005 Château Haut-Brion, 1995 Echezeaux from Henri Jayer, 2001 Chambertin from Denis Mortet, and 2002 Clos de la Roche by Jacky Truchot are among the most prestigious on offer.

€1 starting prices…

The bottles put up for auction at a starting price of just €1 are always worth having a look through, as there are often some real gems to be discovered. This time, the cuvées in question include ready-to-uncork straw wine and vin jaune, Savoie cuvées from Domaine Trosset, Cahors from Château du Cèdre, Anjou from Clos des Treilles, Cornas by Auguste Clape, Hermitage Le Méal from Chapoutier Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Château de la Nerthe, and a 2004 Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses from Amiot-Servelle.

Something a bit different

There are some more original bottles in the mix, too, with orange wines and spirits to inspire your spirit of discovery. A kind of wine that is macerated with its grape skins, thus creating a tannic and savoury white, orange wine makes an appearance here in the form of macerated Gewurztraminer from Ginglinger. As for the dessert wines on offer, these are cuvées that invite meditation. Whilst some can be enjoyed on their own to appreciate their complex aromatics and the depth of their texture, others welcome accompanying dishes like fruity desserts, spicy recipes, or blue cheese. We recommend the cuvées of Klein Constantia (South Africa), Marcel Deiss, grands crus from Sauternes and Barsac, and German Eiswein. A Vouvray from Domaine Huet – here available with its Constance cuvée – is a must-try. We also have a range of armagnacs and bas-armagnacs, Portuguese Madeira wines, cognacs, and rivesaltes, all options with stunning longevity.

And from elsewhere?

This auction is also a chance for you to escape. From Venice, opt for an Amarone della Valpolicella in a generous format, or how about a 2004 Montilla Moriles from Andalusia’s Bodega Alvear? From Corsica, the impeccable work of Comte Abbatucci and Clos Canarelli continues to impress, and Germany’s Egon Müller fabulous Rieslings are a real treat…not to be missed!

Happy bidding! Explore the whole selection online here and find the catalogues below

23/06/2021 – 10H00 : Porto & Spiritueux 1900-2009
23/06/2021 – 10H30 : Etranger 1966-2017
23/06/2021 – 11H00 : Vins Italiens 1954-2019
23/06/2021 – 11H30 : Sud-Ouest 1975-2020
23/06/2021 – 12H00 : Alsace Jura 1975-2019
23/06/2021 – 12H30 : Champagne 1959-2018
23/06/2021 – 13H30 : Burgundy 1982-2011 – White
23/06/2021 – 14H30 : Burgundy 2012-2019 – White
23/06/2021 – 15H30 : Burgundy 1971-2009 – Red
23/06/2021 – 16H30 : Burgundy 2010-2019 – Red
24/06/2021 – 10H00 : Misc. French Wines 1988-2019
24/06/2021 – 10H30 : Loire 1983-2012
24/06/2021 – 11H00 : Loire 2013-2019
24/06/2021 – 11H30 : Rhône 1982-2019 – White
24/06/2021 – 12H00 : Rhône 1980-2019 – Red
24/06/2021 – 12H30 : Bordeaux 1936-2019 – White
24/06/2021 – 13H00 : Bordeaux 1914-1987 – Red
24/06/2021 – 14H00 : Bordeaux 1988-1998 – Red
24/06/2021 – 15H00 : Bordeaux 1999-2004 – Red
24/06/2021 – 16H00 : Bordeaux 2005-2017 – Red

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