Auction top picks | Timeless classics and natural wine

Whilst natural wines have made a sensational entrance in recent years – and this phenomenon is far from exhausted – it’s also good for wine lovers to rediscover the excellence of the classics. With both categories ideal to enjoy at the table, we wouldn’t want to pit them against each other; rather, savour the best of each!

Timeless classics, the wines you should try at least once in your life

From Bordeaux, your top choices are the Premiers Crus (premiers grands crus classés from the 1855 classification, premiers grands crus classés A from Saint-Emilion and Petrus), though this is asking a lot in terms of budget. If you’re willing to pull out all the stops for a truly fine wine, we recommend Château Cheval Blanc, an icon of the right bank whose finesse remains unmatched. We’d also cite Léoville-Las-Cases on the left bank, Haut-Brion from Pessac-Léognan, and Yquem if you want to taste the king of Sauternes. Properties that are a little kinder on the wallet include Chasse Spleen, Prieuré Lichine, and Haut-Bailly.

From Burgundy, we should start with the most legendary of them all, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, with the iconic Domaine Leroy hot on its heels. Other exceptional producers from this prestigious region include Armand Rousseau, Georges Roumier, Coche-Dury, and Auvenay. Otherwise, Comtes Lafon and Dureuil-Janthal are excellent.

From the Rhône, the most emblematic names have to be Jean-Louis Chave, Auguste Clape, and Jamet. If fizz is your thing, Champagne’s Salon is the crème de la crème. If we were to recommend just one producer from other regions, Clos Naudin is the star of the Loire, Grange des Pères in the Languedoc, Vega Sicilia in Spain, and Egon Müller in Germany. We’re experts in all things classic, so we invite you to come and see what inspires you.

The best of the natural movement

At iDealwine, we’ve fully embraced the rise of natural wines, so you can find some of the finest in our auctions. This time is no exception, and you’ll have seen by now that simple, easy-drinking wines aren’t the only kinds you find in the eco-friendly category (although there’s nothing wrong with those!). Deep and complex or light and lively, we’re sure this auction has what you’re looking for.

From the pioneering region of natural wine, the Jura, we have a fine selection from Overnoy, Ganevat, Tissot, Renaud Bruyère and Adeline Houillon, as well as Labet.

From the Loire, we have one of the rarest and most coveted natural wines of the moment Les Jardins Esmeraldins by Xavier Caillard, as well as the classic, unbeatable Clos Rougeard. Domaine du Collier, Mail & Kenji Hodgson, Benoit Courault and Les Roches de Jérôme Lenoir are also names we urge you to discover.

The Rhône, though a classic region in many senses, is also home to many high-quality, eco-friendly producers. We love the Cornas cuvées by Thierry Allemand, the Côtes-Rôties made by Jean-Michel Stéphan and Gangloff, as well as some of the more recent domains standing out from the crowd like La Grande Colline and Anglore.

Viticulture’s renaissance in the Auvergne region is still being talked about, as is proven by the success of wines from l’Arbre Blanc, Patrick Bouju, Aurélien Lefort, and Pierre Beauger, whose Champignon Magique cuvée you’ll find here. This is one of the top 100 fine, natural wines according to ‘Raisin’.

Finally, some of our other favourites include Prieuré-Roch, Alice and Olivier de Moor, Pedres Blanques, Clos des Grillons, and Hervé Souhat. There’s a whole world of rising stars just waiting to be discovered, so it’s time to get bidding!

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Access the sales catalogues:
20/01/2021 – 10H00 : Autres vins Etranger 1935-2019
20/01/2021 – 10H30 : Misc. French Wines 1989-2019
20/01/2021 – 11H00 : Champagne 1962-2015
20/01/2021 – 11H30 : Loire 1983-2019 – Red
20/01/2021 – 12H00 : Loire 1976-2019 – White
20/01/2021 – 13H00 : Burgundy 1975-2010 – White
20/01/2021 – 14H00 : Burgundy 2011-2018 – White
20/01/2021 – 15H00 : Burgundy 1964-2004 – Red
20/01/2021 – 16H00 : Burgundy 2005-2013 – Red
20/01/2021 – 16H30 : Burgundy 2014-2018 – Red
21/01/2021 – 10H00 : Porto & Spiritueux 1878-2013
21/01/2021 – 10H30 : Alsace Jura 1985-2019
21/01/2021 – 11H00 : Languedoc Roussillon 1986-2019
21/01/2021 – 11H30 : Rhône 1966-2019 – White
21/01/2021 – 12H00 : Rhône 1962-2012 – Red
21/01/2021 – 12H30 : Rhône 2013-2019 – Red
21/01/2021 – 13H00 : Bordeaux 1956-2018 – White
21/01/2021 – 14H00 : Bordeaux 1942-1995 – Red
21/01/2021 – 15H00 : Bordeaux 1996-2007 – Red
21/01/2021 – 16H00 : Bordeaux 2008-2017 – Red
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