Auction: the finest expressions from the vineyard in 3,500 lots

july two auctionA new auction kicks off the month of July here at iDealwine and features signatures from the most reputable domaines around the world and the future icons. With vintages ranging from 1923 to 2016, these 3,500 lots bring together 140 years of unforgettable history.

This latest catalogue reflects the growing excitement surrounding some of the lesser-known winemaking regions. The Languedoc, the Jura and the Loire are all well represented. Fancy straying off the beaten track or discovering the work of a new generation of winemakers? Some of the finest references from the Loire will satisfy this curiosity: Saumur-Champigny from Clos Rougeard, Pouilly-Fumé Silex from Dageneau and Sancerre from Alphonse Mellot. Many sweet wines are also present including the Cuvée Constance from Domaine Huet.

The Jura is fast becoming a highly sought-after region. In the past few months, Vins Jaunes, white wines and red wines alike from this region have been causing bidding frenzies at auction. Don’t miss the excellent Cuvée de l’Enfant Terrible from Ganevat and in white the Arbois Pupillin 2009 from Overnoy.

The solar but surprisingly fresh flavour profile of wines from the Languedoc no doubt tempts you. You’ll find iconic domaines such as Granges des Pères and Mas Daumas Gassac in this catalogue not to mention the white 2013 from Domaine Montcalmes and Les Glorieuses 2010 from Clos Marie, sure investments.

The infatuation for Bordeaux has existed for decades, and for good reason. Old Bordeaux vintages are legion in this catalogue. The incredible Carré d’As collection, a case containing four examples of Petrus, Margaux, Latour and Haut-Brion 2000 is up for auction. We recommend bidding on some second wines such as Sarget from Gruaud-Larose, the crus bourgeois from Château Citran, Charmail and Clarke or the wines from lesser-known appellations that offer outstanding quality such as Lussac-Saint-Emilion (Château Bel-Air) and Fronsac (Château La Valade). You’ll also find an accomplished selection of sweet wines in mature vintages. Grands crus from Sauternes are particularly well represented and offer attractive prices.

Discover Burgundy in all its glory. This auction offers up many mature vintages dating back as far as the 1940s. Chambolle-Musigny from Domaine Roumier and Clos de la Roche from Domaine Armand Rousseau are two stars from the Côte de Nuits. Other fine signatures include Leroy and La Pousse d’Or while the Bonne-Mares from Domaine Bart, the Clos-Frantin from Albert Bichot and the wonderful Gevrey-Chambertin from female winemaker Sylvie Esmonin are names to keep an eye on.

Explore the different expressions of the Rhône: the mythic Rayas, Clos des Papes, Henri Bonneau, Jean-Louis Chave… And the rising stars? Try the Cornas from Auguste Clape, the Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Charvin, Macoux and Château- Saint Côme not to mention the Cornas from the talented Jean-Luc Colombo.

Much like the current World Cup, this auction unites all the different nationalities. Peruse the outstanding selection of Port, Tokay, Brunello di Montepulciano and Chianti Classico, Rioja, Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec from Mendoza and Chilean Carménère…

There is also a fine array of fortified wines, Rivesaltes, Jurançon and Cognac in this catalogue.

Happy bidding!

Access the sales catalogue:

18/07/2018 – 10.00am: Non-French Wines 1840-2016
18/07/2018 – 10.30am: Misc. French Wines 1935-2016
18/07/2018 – 11.00am: Alsace Jura 1976-2016
18/07/2018 – 11.30am: Champagne 1971-2010
18/07/2018 – 12.00pm: Loire 1933-2015
18/07/2018 – 12.30pm: Burgundy 1975-2009 – White
18/07/2018 – 01.00pm: Burgundy 2010-2016 – White
18/07/2018 – 01.30pm: Burgundy 1945-1995 – Red
18/07/2018 – 02.00pm: Burgundy 1996-2003 – Red
18/07/2018 – 02.30pm: Burgundy 2004-2008 – Red
18/07/2018 – 03.00pm: Burgundy 2009-2012 – Red
18/07/2018 – 03.30pm: Burgundy 2013-2016 – Red
19/07/2018 – 10.00am: Languedoc Roussillon 1975-2015
19/07/2018 – 10.30am: Rhône 1976-2016 – White
19/07/2018 – 11.00am: Rhône 1962-2004 – Red
19/07/2018 – 11.30am: Rhône 2005-2012 – Red
19/07/2018 – 12.00am: Rhône 2013-2015 – Red
19/07/2018 – 12.30am: Bordeaux 1923-1985 – Red
19/07/2018 – 13.00am: Bordeaux 1986-1991 – Red
19/07/2018 – 13.30am: Bordeaux 1992-1997 – Red
19/07/2018 – 14.00am: Bordeaux 1998-2002 – Red
19/07/2018 – 14.30am: Bordeaux 2003-2007 – Red
19/07/2018 – 15.00am: Bordeaux 2008-2015 – Red
19/07/2018 – 15.30am: Bordeaux 1952-2015 – White

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