Auction | Romanée-Conti and fine whisky set standards high

Those who consider gold to be the safest investment clearly haven’t heard of DRC. This veritable holy grail whose mythical eponymous cuvée is produced in just 6,000 bottles has become an object of fantasy, so difficult it is to acquire. Now you have the chance to get your hands on the famous assorted case of 12 different cuvées from the excellent 2009 vintage (1 Romanée-Conti, 2 Romanée-Saint-Vivant, 3 La-Tâche, 2 Richebourg, 2 Echézeaux, 2 Grands Echézeaux). There will be just one triumphant bidder.

You’ve perhaps heard enough about these names, but have you heard of the Marc de Bourgogne produced by the same domain? This digestif from the year 2000 is distilled from the grape marc used for the other cuvées. This rare jewel will be the cherry on the cake for lovers of the domain.

Let’s stay in Burgundy for a little longer, since the Romanée-Saint-Vivant cuvée by Domaine Leroy SA (négoce) is available in the fine 1962 vintage, often compared to Bordeaux’s 1961: the chance to pour a bit of history into your glass.

No fine wine auction can stake its claim without a fine Bordeaux. And we have the bottle to confirm our standing: a 1982 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, an incredible domain embodied in an equally incredible vintage.

If this sale moves somewhat out of charted territory, it’s due to our selection of spirits, most notably in the form of the finest whisky. Scottish, American, Japanese, there’s something for every taste. Let’s start with a true collector’s item, a Port Ellen distilled in 1979, matured for 32 years in oak barrels and bottled in 2011. But it’s not these figures that make this whisky so rare, but rather the fact that this well-reputed distillery (on the Scottish Isle of Islay) closed its doors in 1983, to the great disappointment of its supporters.

We also have a real rarity among our ranks with the practically unfindable bottle of 30-Year-Old Hibiki from the Japanese Suntory distillery. Meaning ‘resonance’ in Japanese, this elixir was matured in Mizunara, a variety of oak that grows only on the island. It confers all its complexity and subtlety to the whisky produced. Don’t miss out, as it isn’t every day that you can get a bottle like this one…even from iDealwine!

An American institution, the Buffalo Trace distillery (Kentucky) is the second oldest in the whole country, and interestingly was one of the rare places permitted to produce so-called ‘medicinal’ whisky during the prohibition. A private seller has decided to part ways with a whole collection of five of this distillery’s best bottles: a 17-year-old Eagle, an 18-year-old Sazerac, a 17-year-old Thomas H Handy Sazerac, a George T Stagg and a William Larue Weller. This is an unmissable opportunity to embellish your cellar with this fine, American bourbon.

How better to round off this article than with Champagne? No fewer than 76 bottles are seeking bidders. Among them is a 1953 Krug cuvée extra sec. If you’ve never had the chance to try an over-60-year-old bottle of fizz, you won’t be disappointed here. You might also be interested in Jacques Selosse’s premier cru extra brut Mareuil Sur Ay Sous le Mont. A marvel to taste now or in twenty years’ time.

There are many other references awaiting on the auction page, so don’t let them pass you by! Happy bidding 😊

Access to the catalogue is here:
18/03/2020 – 10H00 : Etranger 1937-2018
18/03/2020 – 10H30 : Misc. French Wines 1966-2018
18/03/2020 – 11H00 : Alsace Jura 1953-2018
18/03/2020 – 11H30 : Languedoc Roussillon 1937-2018
18/03/2020 – 12H00 : Burgundy 1981-2009 – White
18/03/2020 – 12H30 : Burgundy 2010-2018 – White
18/03/2020 – 13H00 : Burgundy 1926-2002 – Red
18/03/2020 – 14H00 : Burgundy 2003-2008 – Red
18/03/2020 – 15H00 : Burgundy 2009-2012 – Red
18/03/2020 – 16H00 : Burgundy 2013-2018 – Red
19/03/2020 – 10H00 : Spiritueux 1928-2013
19/03/2020 – 10H30 : Champagne 1947-2015
19/03/2020 – 11H00 : Loire 1985-2018
19/03/2020 – 11H30 : Rhône 1979-2018 – White
19/03/2020 – 12H00 : Rhône 1973-2007 – Red
19/03/2020 – 12H30 : Rhône 2008-2018 – Red
19/03/2020 – 13H00 : Bordeaux 1964-2017 – White
19/03/2020 – 13H30 : Bordeaux 1918-1988 – Red
19/03/2020 – 14H30 : Bordeaux 1989-1998 – Red
19/03/2020 – 15H30 : Bordeaux 1999-2004 – Red
19/03/2020 – 16H30 : Bordeaux 2005-2017 – Red

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