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Let’s get things rolling with the special collection from a seller who has put almost 500 bottles under the hammer, including many Bordeaux beauties. The collection was started in the 1980s, and it is bursting with purchases from the primeur campaigns of the era, back when it was possible to buy a case of 12 Petrus! These precious bottles have been kept in an ordinary cellar with humidity control. Each of the bottles has been aged in a waterproof film, so the labels have been very well-preserved.

To prepare for the festive period, what better than a prestige case or a Duclot collection? The finest that Bordeaux has to offer, in the 2008 and exceptional 2009 vintages. It is rare to get your hands on something so sublime, and these cases are our seller’s proudest acquisition.

Oft-repeated but not to be sidelined, you’ll find all the classics like Château d’Yquem, Château Mouton-Rothschild, Château Margaux, Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château Latour, Château Haut-Brion, Petrus…none of the best names have missed this roll-call!

A ‘vin de garage’ (a well-made cuvée crafted in intentionally limited quantities) of the rarest kind has also slipped into the selection: Château Le Pin, here in its 2006 vintage.

But it isn’t just Bordeaux that we find here – there is also a magnificent collection of bottles from Château Rayas, as you can see from the lovely photo above! For a red wine, let yourself dream with a Châteauneuf-du-Pape from 1998, 2003, 2005, or 2006. If you’re looking for a fine white, then the 2003 and 2006 vintages from the same property are just waiting for your bids!

A white from another region, such as some prestigious Burgundy bottles of Montrachet and Chevalier-Montrachet La Cabotte, might be just what you need to delight your guests. The power and aromatic persistence of these big names promise an unforgettable meal.

With such a fine collection up for bidding, you might wonder what pushed our seller to pass on these cherished bottles. It is simply a question of his tastes, and the fact that they have changed over time. This collector has turned more to the elegant luxury of champagne in recent years!

The rest of the sale

Aside from this special collection, there are many other wonders awaiting. When it comes to the festive fizz, we have champagne from Jacques Selosse and his lieux-dits collectors case, as well as the 1996 blanc de blancs. Enough to have you daydreaming…

If your sights are set even higher, then from Burgundy there is an assorted lot of 9 bottles from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in the excellent 2016 vintage. Nine true gems to age in the cellar and get out in a few decades’ time.

Domaine d’Auvenay’s Chevalier-Montrachet, Armand Rousseau’s Chambertin grand cru, and Domaine Leroy’s Musigny grand cru are all names that need no introduction before making their way to your cellar.

From Bordeaux, one of the region’s unique white wines is available in a generous format: a magnum of 1989 Haut-Brion. Robert Parker and Wine Spectator gave this vintage a perfect score of 100/100. We’ll say no more!

And here’s a little rarity for anyone feeling somewhat adventurous. Have you heard of Eric Calcutt? A vintner of the 90s, he made discrete quantities of exceptional natural wines such as a 1997 The Picrate, a sweet Chenin cuvée. Almost unfindable, we actually have three of these modest marvels!

The full auction selection can be found here

Explore the full catalogue here:
16/12/2020 – 10H00 : Porto & Spiritueux 1840-2020
16/12/2020 – 10H30 : Champagne 1955-2018
16/12/2020 – 11H00 : Loire 1969-2019 – White
16/12/2020 – 11H30 : Loire 1987-2019 – Red
16/12/2020 – 12H00 : Burgundy 1970-2008 – White
16/12/2020 – 13H00 : Burgundy 2009-2018 – White
16/12/2020 – 14H00 : Burgundy 1961-2005 – Red
16/12/2020 – 15H00 : Burgundy 2006-2011 – Red
16/12/2020 – 16H00 : Burgundy 2012-2018 – Red
16/12/2020 – 16H30 : CP – Vins Français 1958-2011
17/12/2020 – 10H00 : Misc. French Wines 1978-2019
17/12/2020 – 10H30 : Alsace Jura 1978-2019
17/12/2020 – 11H00 : Autres vins Etranger 1952-2019
17/12/2020 – 11H30 : Rhône 1988-2019 – White
17/12/2020 – 12H00 : Rhône 1978-2010 – Red
17/12/2020 – 12H30 : Rhône 2011-2019 – Red
17/12/2020 – 13H00 : Bordeaux 1961-2014 – White
17/12/2020 – 14H00 : Bordeaux 1928-1993 – Red
17/12/2020 – 15H00 : Bordeaux 1994-2003 – Red
17/12/2020 – 16H00 : Bordeaux 2004-2017 – Red

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