Auction | French spirit epitomised in 4,500 wines

Despite the threats hovering over the wine industry from the United States, the iDealwine team is prouder than ever of France’s viticultural regions and icons. So, we’ve brought together the best of what the Hexagon has to offer. Let yourself be inspired…

Excellence, attention to detail, harmony, elegance, sharing and a thirst for culture are some of the concepts that best define our French mentality and the spirit of French viticulture…and this is certainly something to be proud of!

Bordeaux has made excellence its guiding principle. Its majestic châteaux, its sophisticated classifications of grands crus and crus bourgeois as well as its fine, cellaring wines are the perfect illustration of this excellence. You will find the best of the élite here, premiers grands crus classés, the châteaux of Haut-Brion, Latour (in a bevy of vintages ranging from 1949-2016) and Mouton-Rothschild whose artistic labels attest to our taste for the aesthetic.

An attention to detail, beauty and harmony characterise not only your penchants as wine enthusiasts, but also those of the winemakers committed to growing practices that are clean, organic and biodynamic (certified or not), and sometimes followed by natural vinification methods. At the very top of this selection, we have placed the wines from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (among which you’ll find the grands crus Romanée-Conti, Richebourg and Romanée-Saint-Vivant), Domaine de Lalou Bize-Leroy (even her 2011 Aligoté Burgundy is a wonder), Marcel Deiss from Alsace (Altenberg Grand Cru and Mambourg Grand Cru), Morgon cuvées from Domaine Marcel Lapierre, Muscat from Antoine Arena’s Cap Corse, the Général de la Révolution wine from Domaine Comte Abattuci and the numerous Côtes-du-Jura by Jean-François Ganevat.

The French spirit is also about elegance. It would be impossible not to mention that of Burgundy’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay! For the reds, we would recommend the Beaune premier cru Les Grèves from Domaine de Montille, the Chambertin Clos de Bèze by Armand Rousseau and the Nuits-Saint-Georges premier cru Clos de la Maréchale by Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier. For the whites, Domaine Raveneau’s Chablis premier cru Montée de Tonnerre, Domaine de la Pousse d’Or’s delicate Puligny-Montrachet premier cru Le Cailleret and the complexity of Domaine Coche-Dury’s Meursault premier cru Les Perrières will lead to unforgettable tasting moments.

Is there a better incarnation of the spirit of sharing that characterises our joie de vivre than the generosity of southern wines, large formats, and the rich aromas of mature vintages? From the south, you will find wine from Domaine des Tours, the white Saint-Joseph Les Oliviers from Pierre Gonon, Olivier Jullien’s Terrasses-du-Larzac, and the Bandol La Migoua from Domaine Tempier. Think bigger with magnums of Taittinger brut Prestige, the double-magnum of Terrasses-du-Larzac from Domaine de Montcalmès and the 1987 Yquem imperial. Those of you looking for older vintages will want to consider the 1993 Vouvray Clos du Bourg from Domaine Huet, rich in notes of white truffle, and the powerful 1990 Madiran Prestige from Château Montus.

France is also known for its literary and philosophical golden ages. Echoing this, take the time to discover our sipping wines. Mas Amiel’s 10-year-old Maury, Rivesaltes 20 marches from the Vignerons de Vingrau, armagnacs and cognacs await!

The vastness and diversity in terms of French terroirs and wines is attested by the fantastic private collection at the heart of this auction. Worth noting is the remarkable presence of Jean-Marc Roulot (Meursault Clos Bouchères, Luchets, Perrières and tessons Clos de mon Plaisir), Georges Roumier (2012 Chambolle-Musigny Les Combottes) and Armand Rousseau (2012 Gevrey-Chambertin Les Cazetiers) from Burgundy. As for other regions, they are represented through such great figures as Château Petrus, Domaine Peyre-Rose (Coteaux-du-Languedoc), Bollinger, René Rostaing (Côte-Rôtie) and Dagueneau (Puoilly-Fumé).

Finally, for us, the French spirit is an insatiable thirst for culture and an open-minded attitude to the rest of the world. Beyond your discoveries of French gems, look towards further countries with Egon Muller’s Rieslings, Marquès de Murrieta’s Rioja DOCs, and the Tre Tine Barolo by Giuseppe Rinaldi.

We hope that these suggestions will inspire you in representing the talent of our winemakers.

Happy bidding!

See the catalogue for this auction here:

29/01/2020 – 10H00 : Etranger 1922-2017
29/01/2020 – 10H30 : Misc. French Wines 1946-2018
29/01/2020 – 11H00 : Languedoc Roussillon 1990-2018
29/01/2020 – 11H30 : Alsace Jura 1976-2018
29/01/2020 – 12H00 : Champagne 1981-2011
29/01/2020 – 12H30 : Burgundy 1980-2005 – White
29/01/2020 – 13H00 : Burgundy 2006-2012 – White
29/01/2020 – 13H30 : Burgundy 2013-2017 – White
29/01/2020 – 14H00 : Burgundy 1966-2003 – Red
29/01/2020 – 14H30 : Burgundy 2004-2007 – Red
29/01/2020 – 15H00 : Burgundy 2008-2011 – Red
29/01/2020 – 15H30 : Burgundy 2012-2014 – Red
29/01/2020 – 16H00 : Burgundy 2015-2017 – Red
30/01/2020 – 10H00 : Rhône 1990-2018 – White
30/01/2020 – 10H30 : Rhône 1983-2004 – Red
30/01/2020 – 11H00 : Rhône 2005-2010 – Red
30/01/2020 – 11H30 : Rhône 2011-2018 – Red
30/01/2020 – 12H00 : Loire 1947-2018
30/01/2020 – 12H30 : Bordeaux 1921-2017 – White
30/01/2020 – 13H00 : Bordeaux 1928-1988 – Red
30/01/2020 – 13H30 : Bordeaux 1989-1997 – Red
30/01/2020 – 14H00 : Bordeaux 1998-2003 – Red
30/01/2020 – 14H30 : Bordeaux 2004-2006 – Red
30/01/2020 – 15H00 : Bordeaux 2007-2011 – Red
30/01/2020 – 15H30 : Bordeaux 2012-2017 – Red

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