Auction Favourites | Mature Fine Wine to Usher in the Autumn

Admittedly, the temperatures are not very autumnal right now, but it is autumn. And it’s the time of year when you can find heaps of mushrooms (penny buns, girolles, horns of plenty, and many more) in the markets and forests. To celebrate this, we have put together a selection of mature wines whose tertiary aromas should go wonderfully with mushrooms.

Carry on reading to discover our selection of aged wines to pair with dishes made entirely from autumnal produce.

To pair with your first scallops of the season

Now that there’s an “r” in the month again, scallops (which can be caught from 1st October) are back on the menu. Here is a selection of beautiful white wines to pair with these fine, fleshy molluscs.

Rich, creamy wines to create a harmonious pairing


Very aromatic white wines to pair with a flavourful sauce

Fresh and lively white wines for a citrus sauce

To accompany creamy squash and chestnut soups

These typical autumnal starters go well with both rounded white wines and light, silky reds.

To pair with mushroom-based dishes

Sautéed penny buns or girolles, mushroom omelettes, mushroom pies, the list goes on… (Are your mouths watering now? Because ours are!) There are endless ways to cook mushrooms and they can go wonderfully with wine, especially when you choose a mature red that has developed mushroom tertiary aromas. Here are some examples:

To accompany pear desserts

When thinking about how to conclude a meal made entirely of seasonal produce, pear springs to mind. Here are some wine suggestions to accompany pear desserts:


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