Alsace, Jura, Savoie wines: let’s head to the East of France – CLOSED

alsace jura savoieA superb themed sale from the vineyards of the East of France: Alsace, Jura and Savoie. This fixed-price sale will allow us to widen our horizons that usually remain quite classic in terms of wine, with these typical wines, made from local grape varieties and great terroirs. These regions are sometimes underestimated; however, they offer great wines that deserve our full interest. A great opportunity to create original food and wine pairings.

Welcome to a sale off the beaten track. Wines with strong personality, but at reasonable prices, for some at least! From Alsace, the choice is the largest and the diversity of wine styles is extraordinary, from the driest wines to the richest, from the most exuberant to the most discreet grape varieties. So many original possibilities of food and wine pairings… You will find the most prestigious cuvées, especially the SGN (selection of noble grapes) and VT (late harvests), like the Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris Grand Cru Quintessence de Grains Nobles Altenbourg Cuvée d’Or from Weinbach, Pinot Gris Sélection de Grains Nobles « S » from Hugel (2000) or VT Gewurztraminer from Hugel. But the great dry whites are also very present, especially with these two iconic Alsatian wines: Clos Sainte-Hune Riesling from Trimbach, an elegant wine with a good ageing potential, or the pure and mineral Riesling Brand Zind-Humbrecht. At more reasonable price, we particularly recommend the wines of the fascinating and passionate Jean-Christophe Bott (Domaine Bott-Geyl), which boast complexity, just like those from Marcel Deiss, to try the famous complantation of grape varieties (planting several grape types on the same plot) so dear to Jean Michel Deiss. Ostertag, Valentin Zusslin, Zind-Humbrecht are three other domains that we greatly appreciate and highly recommend. It is also important to mention that this sale includes mature vintages, particularly the exceptional1989 and 1990.

From the Jura, stock up on fine Vin Jaune (yellow wines), to pair with chicken cooked with morel mushrooms or old Comté cheese (Christmas dinner is coming, we are getting ready). On the menu, Château-Chalon from Jean Macle, to choose in a mature vintage (1983) or more recent ones (2008, 2009), the yellow wine from Marnes Blanches, from Château d’Arlay or the one from Berthet-Bondet (the Tradition cuvée). Let’s keep in mind that the ageing potential of these oxidative wines is immense and that you will always find an opportunity to taste them, with curries for example. But the Jura obviously does not produce only oxidative wines and you may want to try the ullage wines made from Savagnin or Chardonnay, sometimes very close to great Burgundian Chardonnay wines. You probably already know our passion for the Tissot domain, where each of its cuvées is exceptional, but you should also really taste those from Ganevat. Some fine reds from the region are for sale, including Poulsard from the exciting Domaine du Pelican which also offers a cuvée of three grape varieties, Trousseau from Marnes Blanches, Pinot Noir from Tissot (En Barberon).

Finally, this sale offers some of the most beautiful wines from Savoie. Domaine des Ardoisières, Louis Magnin, Gilles Berlioz, Belluard, The Vines of Paradise: what else? The taut whites from Domaine des Ardoisières –for which the entire iDealwine team falls- will be the ideal pairing for your scallops or shellfish dishes; whereas the more rich and mature wines from Louis Magnin will pair perfectly with fish dishes cooked in sauce or cheeses from the region. Those from Gilles Berlioz, expressive and tasty, will go nicely with cheeses. Lovers of Mondeuse will also find their happiness in this sale.

Wishing you a pleasant shopping!

See wines available until 5th December:

05/12/2017 – 11.00am: ALSACE
05/12/2017 – 11.05am: JURA
05/12/2017 – 11.10am: SAVOIE


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